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  1. Q & A Juicing <3 Warming Juice Recipes

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    January 24, 2013 by Living Girl Living Foods

    I’ve been asked some great questions by people mostly related to juicing and juicers. I think these may all be …
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  2. Keeping it Juicy! <3 Tonics, Juices and my yummy Sweet & Tart Slaw.


    December 12, 2012 by Living Girl Living Foods

    Tomorrow I leave early in the morning for New York to visit my best friend before going to Rhode Island …
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  3. Basic Formula For Raw Vegan Soups. Ingredient List, Ideas, Benefits & LLCI’s Garden Blend Soup Recipe.


    November 27, 2012 by Living Girl Living Foods

    Raw Vegan soups are fun, simple, quick and there is nothing but freedom! You can use whatever produce you have …
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  4. Day 5 Juice Feast


    June 2, 2012 by Living Girl Living Foods

    Well today was filled with a little too much kale, spinach and mango! Tomorrow I will def be taking it …
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