Services; Raw Food Chef, Instructor, Educator

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In July of 2012 I attended the Living Light Culinary Institute in Fort Bragg, California. I earned certifications as a Raw Vegan Chef, Instructor, Raw Food Educator & Pastry Artist.

I absolutely love creating food and the connections that I can form by making food for others. As well as teaching how to prepare yummy delicious raw living foods.

If anyone is interested in having a one-on-one video class, in which I can teach you a recipe, technique, knife skills, or we can even go over a recipe you would like to develop please contact me at, We can discuss pricing, a consultation chat/meeting and move from there!

Prices range according to charges such as; produce, instruction, if it’s a catered event, lecture required, and time. Thus, for example my charge can range from $15-$50 an hour.

If this is something you are interested in I would greatly appreciate it if you email me. Please do not leave comments on my site with your information. Or leave messages/comments on my site’s FaceBook Page about consultations. This way your information is safe and we both know that each party is serious about working together.

When we have our consultation I will mention that if you cancel our arrangement with a proper 24 hour notice you will be charged $15. This is specifically if we are suppose to have a consultation meeting and it is cancelled. Catering, private instruction is a higher fee according to the hours and menu. Both your time and my time is precious, I have noticed that many times people cancel at the last minute when another client needed to meet at that time slot also. If you are serious with your time you will see that I am also serious about providing you with the best services I can. I prepare handouts, recipes, and information for each meeting specifically structured around each clients concerns. Please let us respect one another ❤

Juice Cleanse Packages

Time for some spring cleaning and love ♥ Interested in a juice cleanse but do not have a juicer? Are concerned about getting enough protein, calcium and so? If you live in Newport County and are interested in my juice cleanse packages please email me at Below is a photograph of a juice cleanse I am about to deliver (Photo April 2013) ♥

Much love & raw power,


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