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All recipes on this site are owned by Jessica Patricio unless recognition from another website, chef, book or so forth has been provided. If you plan on sharing any of these recipes on your own website please give credit to Jessica Patricio in some shape or form like a link to her post with the recipe.

Jessica is not at fault if these recipes do not come out exactly the same way when the reader makes this recipe. Sometimes cooking equipment, temperature, and produce can create at times drastic changes in a meal or juice.

Also, Jessica is not a doctor does not want to be a doctor or try to tell you or your loved ones how to live and eat to “cure” your self. There are recommendations she shares from articles she has read or her own personal experiences. But in no shape or form can she be certain she can “cure” you or provide you the same results she has had.

Please do not use any offensive language or start a verbal fight on this website. This is a community for those who are interested in consuming more raw food, or may even be on a completely raw diet. All are accepted and welcomed as long as no intentional harm has been made on others.

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