Wait, Wait, Okay, Now It Is Ripe

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February 12, 2017 by Living Girl Living Foods

Is there are fruit that just doesn’t settle right with you? It has an undesirable effect on your stomach? Does it make your tongue and or mouth feel weird? Does it taste flavorless? This is most likely because we didn’t to wait for the fruit to ripen. Besides becoming more nutrient dense once it is ripe here is a bit more of the background on what exactly is a ripened piece of produce.FullSizeRender.jpg

After a fruit is picked it begins releasing a gas called “ethylene” at a faster rate. This gas increases enzyme activity in the fruit (makes it more alive and nutrient filled). Enzymes break down the starch and pectin in a fruit this is the most direct “ripeness process.”

These same enzymes that are in a good way breaking down the fruit are also the enzymes naturally in our saliva that begins the digestion process.

Yes, that means “ripe” also means enzyme filled or if you prefer pre-digested or broken down.

Breaking down starch, makes the fruit sweeter, softer, more nutritious, and easier to digest. In the case of something like a banana, it turns a starch into a sugar. This is why the extra spotted bananas are best to use.

I have previous posts on food storage, what should go in the fridge and what should not. Please do not place unripe fruits in the fridge, it typically prevents the food from ever being able to truly ripen. It could actually go bad/rotten and never ripen.

If you are interested in the science realm of ripened fruit here are two delicious articles.

Apples and pears. Summary:”The breakdown of chlorophyll in ripening apples and pears produces the same decomposition products as those in brightly-colored leaves. These colorless decomposition products are highly active antioxidants.”

Berries. Summary: As berries ripen these anti-inflammatory pigments are more present and help protect brain function and protect against CVD and cancer.

I hope this inspires some patience with letting fruit ripen and to reuse brown bags that we may have around the house. Wishing you just the right amount of days before that avocado goes bad, the berries somehow are moldy and everything tastes just as deliciously sweet as it should. Much love ❤ and raw power 😉

xx Jess

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