August Inspiration

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August 18, 2016 by Living Girl Living Foods

Hi friends,

I just renewed this website and felt it was fitting to share a few things that have been inspiring me lately in some shape or form. With raw vegan food I don’t see or feel this as being a strict lifestyle, it’s actually a lot of fun I love the colors, playfulness, connection and just overall how juicy every meal tastes and feels. I adore every step from choosing produce, prep work in the kitchen, making it all happen, plating, eating and how gosh darn good meals feel even afterwards and hours later.

A person that I enjoy following on Social Media is Laura Miller. She has a playful, sweet, and humorous way of sharing her love and knowledge of raw vegan foods. I am a fan of the “froobs” photo shoots, and her awesome fruit or vegetable hats and necklaces. It feels light, child-like, and is a sweet reminder to have fun, to use that beginners mind-set to set us free. Food, our life, schedule, everything needs to be a little slower. Keep it simple and make sure you are having fun along the way. Laura often shares short videos just goofing around. I see it as a little reminder, with no words, that we are all human, we want to be happy, have fun, feel delicious and laugh when we can.I have yet to purchase her cookbook but I hope to change that soon!

The produce section, farmers markets, truck stands and so forth are a constant inspiration for me. I’ve mentioned before many times on my site that I like to try to find a produce item that is new to me, purchase it and learn about it from there. I have been living back in Rhode Island now for 4 years, it’s been much more difficult here to find “new” foods but every once in a while I find something. This month at a recent Whole Foods field trip (the nearest WF to me is roughly an hour away and with keeping Rhode Island humor we would consider this a trip ha) I found a variation of bell pepper that I’ve been seeing images of online but hadn’t seen in person. I found it at WholeFoods randomly and decided to bring two home to create with.


The variation of bell pepper is called Stripy Pepper (I am serious by the way). It is a combination of yellow bell pepper and red bell pepper. Yellow bell pepper is sweet, has a lighter taste. Red bell pepper isn’t as sweet but just as juicy. Traditionally red bell peppers are more ideal for roasting and grilling, they get a little extra kick when prepared this way.


For me personally with my raw juices and meals, red bell pepper is better for blending up a spicy dressing or to eventually make into a dehydrated wrap. While yellow or orange peppers I like to juice or add into some sort of salad variation. If you haven’t tried juicing peppers before, especially bell peppers, I highly recommend it. It adds a dimension and flavor that is savory, sweet, light and sometimes people just can’t put their finger on what exactly they are tasting. Surprise element 😉

With the very dry summer we have been having in my state, I have also been playing with different recipes using radishes for clients because they are an excellent decongestive. It doesn’t hurt that they have a surprising kick in raw recipes too.

A possibly surprising inspiration, I do have a subscription to Bon Appetit. I like to see what is going on in the more traditional food world as well. Inspiration can come from any connection we make. A photo, smell, a reading, while walking, even just sitting while sipping a cup of tea haha.

Thank you all for stopping by my site and checking out this different style of a post. I wanted to share what lately has been inspiring me and I hope you will may be leave a line here about what has been inspiring you this month as well. Wishing you all the best. Much love ❤ and raw power 😉

xo Jess

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