Raw Vegan Desserts

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June 27, 2016 by Living Girl Living Foods

In my chef life I am preparing for a Juicing Workshop next month and my mind is already thinking about an offering for the end of the summer/beginning of Fall. Raw Vegan treats are on my mind, these are sweets made with ingredients that are fruits, nuts, spices…it is all whole foods. We can recognize what we taste in each bite.

Since almost always these are mostly made of nuts, seeds, or fruit these do feel far more filling. Chocolate treats are made with actual cacao, they are decadent, sensual, uplifting and still gives that ooey gooey satisfying mouth feel.

Today’s post I would like to share some solid fundamental knowledge on raw treats so if you want to make up your own recipe, you have an idea, here is a little bit of assistance with understanding what nuts are used in a raw vegan recipe and why.

I know more than these are used at times but again let’s focus on the most popular, common, and affordable nuts used in a recipe. I’ll list them in the order that I find myself most often using them.

1. Almonds: I love how versatile this type of nut can be in a recipe as well as it’s alkalizing and health benefits. When almonds are soaked, they can easily be peeled. When the almonds are peeled they make a creamier butter or paste. The color is also lighter which is beneficial for making a treat like a cookie. Out of all of the nuts this one has the most neutral of tastes and is the most affordable. Almonds can also be made into a flour if you use your food processor at a chop setting instead of letting it go full blast turning it into a butter. They can make delicious and beautiful chocolate chip cookies, pie crusts, pate, bread and even ice cream.

2. Walnuts: This type of nut has just a hint more of a flavor, they can not be peeled, and please be mindful with checking if they have any funky black spots. At least where I live, I usually find a few walnuts that have gone bad when I purchase them in bulk. Walnuts have more of a dry taste to them. For texture they are wonderful in salads; beet salads, green salads, you name it. I like using walnuts to add extra texture/crunch. Sometimes to mix things up in a raw bread I might have pieces of walnuts and dried cranberries. I like using them in truffles or bars because they just simply never break apart as smoothly as other nuts. These work well as a pate, bread, or mixed with other nuts if you do not want your treat to be too smooth. Walnut flour can have a flour-like taste and texture if you considering making lets say raw vegan flax walnut banana pancakes 🙂

3. Cashews: This is the most creamy nut that is still affordable (macadamia nuts are even creamier but too gosh darn expensive for me to want to talk about). Why is it so amazingly creamy? Fat content, haha. Cashew paste/butter spreads like dairy butter. So think dairy products when you think of cashew vegan treats. Cheesecake, ice cream, cheese spreads, Boston cream pie, banana pie, and so on. I like to use cashews with almonds in cookies, to give a butter, homemade, comforting feeling. Like the other nuts, cashews are a good source of protein and fiber. They are also a good source of potassium, B vitamin, foliate, magnesium, phosphorous, selenium and copper.

In the past I have explained what “Raw Vegan” mens, why soak nuts and all that jazz. Here is a link to that previous post if you are interested.Image-1.jpg.jpeg

I get asked oodles of questions about my ‪raw vegan‬ ‪dessert‬s since there is a ritual that I adore with living foods. With ‪‎nuts‬ we soak the nuts for hours, bringing them back to life, activating enzymes and also cleaning them properly. For my Raw Vegan Chocolate Glazed Donut Holes, or as we say in New England Munchkins; I soak the raw gluten free oats, I dehydrate them, and in a stone bowl I grind it myself into a flour. This creates as little extra outside force and heat to make treats. For me, I feel the love, patience, and attentiveness. I’ve noticed this also creates a space where people slow down, eat carefully, and completely feel each bite. Only to bind everything together do I use a machine. I trust you too will find zen in the kitchen. Loving each movement, ingredient, getting to use your hands, and standing patiently over your food.

I hope this inspires those who have been wanting to make their own raw vegan treats. Keeping it simple is always the best way to go. Some of my most well received raw vegan desserts have may be 5 ingredients. Thank you all for taking the time to stop by my site. Wishing you all a delicious week! Much love ❤ and raw power 😉 xo Jess



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