Natural Remedies To Stimulate Circulation

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April 10, 2016 by Living Girl Living Foods

If you happen to follow me on other forms of social media you know I have a long listed history with circulation issues. A loco combination of breaking every finger multiple times, breaking both big toes and many times of coming too close to breaking other parts of my body. This plus a family history of blood circulation issues, blood clots, Raynaud’s…more often than not my hands and toes are cold to the point that they are discolored. Believe it or not, it is actually painfully cold. It has a negative impact at times on my productivity, outdoor activities and how long I am willing to look in the freezer section of the grocery store.

More than 50% of women have Raynaud’s condition. We are told to build up, always wear gloves and socks, at the first signs of discoloration in hands and/or feet to soak and also to avoid stress and medicines as much possible. Great, it is pretty hard to do this actually haha.

Even though I still have most days where my hands and feet are ice cold, I have some remedies that aid with stimulating circulation besides working out and being in a warmer climate that have at least helped me feel like I can function like a human being 😉

  • Mixing coconut oil or your preferred massage oil with warming essential oils: Ginger, Yarrow, Cleavers and Cayenne. Using this concoction on the hands, legs and feet have shown excellent results.
  • Consuming the following herbs in a juice, tea, or supplement: Ginger, Ginkgo, Horsechest Nut, Garlic, Cleavers, Cayenne, Horseradish, & Yarrow.
  • Some of my favorite vegetables that help the blood pumping: beets, citrus, celery, cucumber, and tomato.


  • Meditation is my favorite escape from feeling the cold haha if it’s considered minor circulation issues like I have meditation can make us realize that we cannot be truly harmed by feeling cold. We are not that cold feeling. We are not stuck in it.
  • Yoga, breath-work and movement gets the blood flow going, and it is in a way that for most people feels so differently that it can create progress with circulation aid. Breath-work can help us create heat. The movements, poses, stimulate the blood and usually after even just a few poses the body feels relaxed.
  • Keeping the hands and feet not just warm, but also dry. Changing after a workout, even if your feet are cold they might get sweaty. Letting them air out, or dry them with a towel and change socks during the day.
  • Do not smoke.
  • Limit caffeine.
  • Clean and healthy fats are consumed but in moderation. Perfect choices, flax oil, chia seed and coconut oil
  • On cooler days, be careful how long you stay outside even if you are covered well.
  • Even if you feel so cold that only being in a fetal position under blankets helps you stay warm exercise is crucial. Keep moving those legs, toes, fingers, massage them and find a work out regiment that works best for you. Typically gym equipment that creates a lot of shaking or vibration can give a Raynaud’s coldness feeling, this is why I personally do not run outside. The feeling of hitting the cement rocks my body in a way that is not good.

I know summer is around the corner, but where I live a week ago we were still seeing snow haha. Even during the summer it is possible though to have issues with circulation and even if you are an athlete circulation can still be a struggle.

It is essential to be aware of the body. Always pushing ourselves or just hiding in blankets won’t help. If you have lost that connection with checking in to take care of yourself think about yourself as if you were a child, someone you adore and enjoy taking care of. We would never let a child be in clothes that are even slightly damp. We monitor there outdoor time. We are far more gentle with others. Take care. Enjoy this time you get to take care of your body that helps you do all the funky fresh things you do day in and day out.

I hope this sweet, simple and delicious tips helps those who are looking for aid with circulation. Thank you for taking the time out of your day to stop by my site. Much love ❤ and raw power 😉

xx Jess







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