Banana Milk Recipe

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January 20, 2016 by Living Girl Living Foods

Hi friends,

I live in Rhode Island where we are anticipating a mega snow storm this weekend. There is an odd tradition of everyone stocking up on milk & bread before hurricanes and storms. I find this a bit silly since these items, just like most vegetables, perish in roughly a week. I think we have this tendency of overstocking on food, but often to do completely think it through.

Fruits would last longer than meat, dairy, and bread. Not all vegetables need to be refrigerated and in the past I have put my foods in a cooler bag outside in a snow storm and that kept everything fresh.

Just a little something for those of us in the New England area who are already thinking about what foods to stock up on!

In the past I have saved several nut and seed alternative milk recipes including coconut milk, almond milk, seed milk. Today I would like to share a Banana Milk Recipe. For those of you who have found alternative dairy free vegan milks to lack that thickness you might be missing this Banana Milk will satisfy that craving.

This is an extremely simple recipe, the only gadgets you will need is a knife and blender.

Banana Milk Recipe


Recipe Serves One Person

Roughly 1 1/2 cups

Half of a fresh banana chopped

Half of a frozen banana chopped

One hand full of ice

Optional, one teaspoon of coconut oil

3 or more tablespoons of water depending on your blender and the consistency you would like

Blend until smooth. Feel free to add in raw cacao powder for a Chocolate Banana Milk, may be even strawberries, green powder, matcha, blueberries, pineapple, peaches, chai tea and or powder etc xo


Here is another variation I made using Jamu Juice made by a Rhode Island local and a fellow wellness Jessica ❤ This is a great breakfast, snack or dessert idea. Liquid sunshine uses a blend of spices that help boost the immune system, digestion, it is great for skin health and other beauty health power ups.


Liquid Sunshine Banana Milk Recipe


Half fresh banana

Half frozen banana

Handful of ice

3 or more tablespoons of water

2 or more tablespoons of Jamu Juice Liquid Sunshine

Optional drop of stevia liquid as a sweetener, or if you do honey a bit of honey

Optional, one teaspoon of coconut oil

Blend until smooth and enjoy!


Depending on the consistency you are looking for; if you want it borderline smoothie-like you can make extra and store this in your freezer. If you prefer to keep this a bit more liquid-like please store in your fridge. Either way, use an air tight container. In the freezer this lasts for roughly two weeks, in the fridge just a few days more or less 3-5 days.

Thank you all for taking the time to stop by my site. Please be safe, warm, stock up on water and plant strong goodies for this weekends snow storm. Much love ❤ and raw power 😉

xo Jess



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