How To Prevent Or Change Inflammation. What Causes It? Food & Routine Ideas For Health.

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September 12, 2015 by Living Girl Living Foods

I recently put it out there to a group of friends on social media that I would discuss any topic someone was open to sharing with me. The only response I have received so far is joint pain/chronic pain.

I think this is something we have all dealt with personally or have someone we care about who struggles with this type of pain. Sadly, since it is such a common ailment the causes cover a wide range. Joint pain and or chronic pain may be from a repetitive action, favoring one side too much, gaining weight, losing extreme weight, eating habits, mental stress, too much exercise/movement to even not moving enough!

Please always take your joint pain seriously, take action so there is not a larger reaction. Joint pain may possibly lead to arthritis. I personally have broken enough fingers and toes to have my own story with struggling with arthritis. Yes, me, a 28 year old raw foodie and yogi 😛

Here are a few recommendations on lifestyle choices that aren’t food before I dive into that deliciously deep abyss.

Always take the time to stretch. When you first wake up, anytime during the day, and even before you are getting ready to bunker down for the night.

A few Sun A’s/Sun Salutations are a nice warm up for the body and a personal favorite.

Try some twists, seated or even when you are still sprawled out in bed trying to wake up.

Massage yourself! Don’t be scared to rub a little TLC into those achy points, it’s a nice reminder for your body that you truly care and appreciate all the work it does day in and day out.

Take a warm bath with soothing salts and or essential oils.

If you always run outside, give the elliptical a chance. I personally like to mix between running on a machine indoors and going for long walks outdoors on soft natural surfaces (sand, paths at environment sanctuaries and so forth).

Take note of what actions you do. Investigate what is creating this pain. If it is your right hip or knee for example, are you leading your steps with this side? This could be a journal of your daily activities and habits or even just a quick jot down.

Let’s discuss food.

Our food choices can be our savior or our own personal demon. It can help us or harm us. Food can create stress, disease, energy, emotions, and oodles more.


Processed foods such as; bread, alcohol, pasta, cereal, cookies, sugar, chips, and so on can push our bodies closer to stress. These aren’t substances that feel naturally to our bodies. It takes more time for each bit of your being to work on breaking down these substances. What I mean by this is our blood, organs, even our joints can be pushed closer to feeling taken care of or taking a punishment with our choices. Another substance that can create joint pain is smoking, the actual smoke that comes into our bodies slows down the healing process the body wants to go through. Caffeine is another substance that may create a chaotic scene because it is typically highly acidic unless you are using some sort of cold pressed coffee.

Processed foods in general are acidic foods.

This is different from the natural acids we find in the original fast foods like fruit. Sugar acid and natural whole fruit acid are different. One has been manipulated, treated, heated or broken down into something else.

Whole fruit, a watermelon, pear and so on have their own natural sugar that is meant to be inside the food. The sugar in these is super healing, beneficial, and I hope they hopefully even feel incomparable in our bodies. I have discussed this a few times on my site, I apologize if you have already heard me discuss this. But changing my personal views on fruit made a huge positive effect on my life especially with my workouts and recovery time.

Unless you have a way of getting a hold of raw animal milk, dairy milk, the processed form most of us are use to seeing in the grocery store is highly acidic. It is also mucus building, this creates more stress, weight, and overall just more stuff for the body to have to figure out what to do with.

With clients I stress keeping a log, diary, anything you feel comfortable calling it, writing down their meals. I personally never look at it; this is something just for you. I ask clients to write down their feelings, emotions, anything they can reflect before eating. May be just a word or phrase to express how they felt during their meal. Hours later, they write down how they feel after what they have eaten.

Instead of creating a diet, this creates a system where we chose to eat what feels best. What foods serve you, deserve you and actually truly make you feel at your optimum health?


What foods besides ginger and turmeric are helpful with fighting joint pain, chronic pain and inflammation? (These are listed in no specific order)

  • Eat more vegetables, raw and or slow cooked (lightly simmered, boiled, steamed) as clean as possible (coconut oil, olive oil, or even using a homemade salsa, marinade, or juice). Have at least half of your plate be strong greens. Some ideas; kale, spinach, arugula, cauliflower, carrots, beets, sea vegetables, celery, radish, cabbage. Frying and grilling are not ideal forms of preparing food. Set a goal for yourself, try a “new” veggie or clean cooking technique each week. Please do not forget to reward yourself for going out of your comfort zone!
  • Drink yo green juice! Keep it juicy!
  • Choice seasonal, local fruits, these are most likely lower in sugar. If you are worried because you are consuming processed foods and are hitting hard on the fruit, then this balance is a bit more of a concern compared to other lifestyles.


  • Add a little sass to your life. Try a pinch of heat to your dishes: cayenne, garlic, and other spices.


  • Omega-3’s; flax oil, chia, virgin olive oil, coconut oil, algae


  • I have personally have been faced with someone naturally assuming I lack a vitamin for their to be pain in my body. Always check first that you actually need supplements before putting your body through that. You can have a blood test done to see what’s up. Some vitamins to consider in this situation are B12, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and Iron.



If we make these food changes but do not change the lifestyles, habits, thoughts that create stress than it doesn’t matter how healthy we eat. I like to see stress as clutter. Each negative thought, action and or word I create intentionally or unintentionally will take up space. I get in my own way; there is no space for a positive, for health, help, to enter.


We each take these changes one change at a time. Today it could be changing all the oils in the house to healthier oils. Tomorrow it could be learning how to make cauliflower pizza crust. I know this post is getting a bit long; I want to leave you with some links to previous posts where I have shared recipes for comfort foods like chips.

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Thank you all dearly for taking the time to stop by my site and to read my jibber jabber. I wish you all health, happiness and the pursuit of always going out there and looking for answers. Wishing you all a delicious weekend! Much love ❤ and raw power 😉


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