5 Helpful Healthy Habits & Craving Salt and/or Sweet Foods

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October 19, 2014 by Living Girl Living Foods

This is the first day the weather here has truly felt like Fall. Just yesterday it felt almost like the summer and today it has more than just a nip but a bite of cold air, crisp winds, and that chill that takes a while to leave the body. I live in New England where it’s never extremely hot anyway, but I’ve noticed friends, clients, people I pass by have been mentioning how it has been a struggle to stay healthy when the weather is cooler. Comfort foods, warmth, something to make us all feel cuddled and secure seems to be lacking.

It’s common to eat out of emotion; to feel comfort, fill in a void, push down thoughts, sometimes we eat out of “rewarding” or “punishing” ourselves.

I’d like to share a few healthy habits that might stop those who find staying plant strong, healthy, sticking to a clean eating diet and so forth a battle during the fall and winter. Some of these might sound a little loco so please hear me out, read everything and of course actually give it a true try before judging it.

Helpful Healthy Habits

1. Ignore the center of the grocery store, go straight to the produce section and stay there for at least 20 minutes. Get motivated to eat more plant based nutritious foods quickly and go straight for the jackpot. Take your time look at the produce, feeling them for quality, see what colors might attract you and if you aren’t sure about what something is ask someone! Yes! Actually socialize and put that gosh darn smart phone away. You can ask someone who works in the shop or even the person standing next to you. There is oodles to learn from everyone.

2. Eat colorful meals that have all your favorite textures and flavors. Always try to have a large selection of colors, different types of greens, fruits, and varying spices. Variation will assist with not getting bored with salads, smoothies, and making healthier choices. This is meant to be fun! You aren’t punishing yourself but celebrating your life with every meal, choice, thought you have so every second is a new opportunity. Eating a rainbow will make dishes look more appealing and will give us a better chance at receiving the nutrients we need to be healthy.

3. Purchase a blender or food processor if you do not have one. This is a huge life savor, in a food processor pesto, nut cheese, cracker mix, hummus, dressings, desserts and tons more can be made. Blenders can handle all of this plus make smoothies, it’s even possible to make a smoothie and strain it to create a juice too. Having this freedom to be able to create delicious plant strong foods at home will help save money and almost always homemade items taste better. Many of the dips I personally make only take 5-10 minutes to prep and make, it doesn’t take all that much time as some people like to make it seem! Eating healthy will just a few gadgets or even just one is completely do-able and more than just do-able one may even have fun.

4. Do not obsess over recipes or having to follow a recipe. I’ve noticed almost all of my new clients are addicted to finding recipes online. Most of the time they are spending too much of their time searching and not enough time DOING. Another issue is the recipes aren’t affordable and at least where I currently live it’s extremely difficult at times to find the ingredients being used. What I can find here in New England is different from a chef in Texas, Ohio, New Zealand, Russia, etc. Please do not use recipes as a crutch! They can be a simple guideline to understand measurements for textures, or to get inspired. But you are aiming to do the best you can where you are at.

5. Keep a food journal. This has been highly effective for clients of mine who are transitioning from one diet to another or are completely new to preparing plant based meals. Keep track of what you eat and how you feel while you are eating, once the meal is complete, hours after and even the next day. The mind, body, organs, emotions, sensations oh so many parts of YOU are trying to communicate what’s going on. Of course it’s not the blunt language we would like but actions and reactions are going on. Please decide to tap into what is going on. At first it might not make any sense how certain things are reacting, but by writing it down the action of dumping all the thoughts out can create space in your mind for answers to come. This is a fantastic way to give yourself time for answers to make their way to you. May be there is a pattern with certain foods. You’ll notice that some fruits, vegetables, herbs, seeds, nuts and spices work well or not so well. This way a healthy lifestyle that is meant for YOU can be created, we aren’t all meant to eat the exact same way, the same meals.

There is almost too much to be said about food cravings which I’ll have to save for a separate post but I’ve had some readers ask me about craving more salty and sweet foods during the fall and winter.

Typically craving salty foods is a sign of having a mineral deficiency. This means more leafy greens, sea vegetables and using high quality salt like Himalayan salt are best.

Craving sweet foods is correlated with a mineral deficiency as well but to get the minerals and to get that sweet tooth to feel satisfied sweet vegetables like root veggies; carrots sweet potatoes, beets, squash and even onions are recommended.



Here are two photos of local organic purple carrots that I recently juiced. I love how different these look, to some people carrots might be boring but come on these are PURPLE! The juice helps me curb any sweet tooth cravings I may have and clients say it has helped them with cutting gluten and wheat out of their lifestyle. I believe the natural starch in this vegetable is what might be doing the trick for them 😀

I hope I managed to keep this to the point and like always if anyone has any questions please feel free to leave them in a comment below. I've been using these questions as bits of following posts so keep your eyes open I might be answering your question just not in the comments section.

Wishing you all a beautiful, fun, delicious and healthy Fall.

Thank you all dearly for taking the time to stop by my site. Much love and raw power 😉

xo Jess

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