March Is National Noodle Month. Spiral Slicer Love :D


March 30, 2014 by Living Girl Living Foods

I’ve been out of the loop this month with a yoga immersion week and oodles of activities with clients. I was surprised to read that March is National Noodle Month! I want to share some spiralizer love and give some appreciation for this awesome kitchen gadget that can make vegetable noodles. Yes, straight up no flour, eggs, or pesky ingredients. Just the vegetable of your choice!

My favorite vegetables noodles are cucumber and zucchini. The zucchini ones have more of a crunch, slurp more like a pasta noodle and when peeled it TRULY looks like a traditional noodle.

I own a Paderno Spiral Slicer there are other types of spiralizers and even spiralizer spoons. But this is the one I have, love, and I’ve only used one other spiralizer and I didn’t like it at all :-X!

The Paderno comes with three different blades that slide in. Two make noodles; the “shredder” this blade makes them thin not quite angel hair (1/8 inch), the “chipper” this is another one that makes them a little thicker than a traditional pasta (1/4 inch) and a “straight” blade for ribbon cuts. There is a built-in storage for the blades, however it only fits two blades so one must remain in the slicer.

I like to store mine in a cabinet that is easy to see it there just in case someone else goes to grab for it. The blades are extremely sharp, I recommend keeping all the blades wrapped up in a cloth in a spot where children can not reach it if you have kids.

This is a hand operated appliance that suctions onto your counter, cutting board or so on. It is impact-resistant, BPA-free ABS plastic frame and blade plate construction. I find this appliance to be easy to wash, and always clean it by hand. If you are choosing to wash this in your dishwasher, please put it in the upper rack. I like to let my blades soak, I use a veggie scrub brush to clean it and then I wash it was a cloth or sponge.

This kitchen appliance can make fun shapes and a little extra crunch to salads, beautiful noodle dishes or even ribbons to dehydrate and make into fun curly chips. I like adding as much colors, textures, shapes, and overall fun to my meals. The spiral slicer is fairly affordable, there is a one-year warranty with the Paderno brand slicer.

You could use a variety of fruits and vegetables such as; cucumber, zucchini, beet, carrots, potatoes, apples, jicama, celery root, pear, sweet potato and so on! Select goodies that are at least 1/2″ in diameter.

If you are interested in whipping up some vegetable noodle dishes please consider checking out my previous recipe posts. With the recent Green Detox Pesto Recipe post I shared I made the noodles another time but with zucchini ribbon noodles. I think they look even more like a traditional cooked noodle dish this way! Let me know what you think 🙂


Thank you all dearly for taking the time to stop by my site and listen to my jibber jabber. Wishing you all a delicious week with great company! Much love ❤ and raw power 😉

Jess xx

2 thoughts on “March Is National Noodle Month. Spiral Slicer Love :D

  1. David says:

    I like your blogging style, it is so warm and informative. I am also a fan of the spiralizer. I got mine a while ago and it has helped me a lot in convincing my kids to eat some vegetables they didn’t like before. I would try to try your green detox pesto recipe next weekend. I will let you know how it goes. Thanks Jess.

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