Q & A On Oil Pulling


March 10, 2014 by Living Girl Living Foods

Jinkies oil pulling has been truly blowing up on my site! I wanted to share a special post connecting all my articles on oil pulling plus covering questions readers have had. Thank you to any one who took the time to leave me a comment, shared a recommendation and or any knowledge they personally have on the topic.

If the wellness routine of oil pulling is not familiar to you please read this article I wrote. Oil pulling is an ancient practice, it is mostly common in Ayurvedic medicine and is mentioned in Charaka Samhita one of the two foundation texts in Aryuveda. Over the years the practice of oil pulling has been modified because of word of mouth. We have numerous sources for information and over time we all have managed to change information a bit.

I have been asked quite a few questions about oil pulling and thought it would be nice to share a Q & A post covering everything. I hope this helps those who feel lost with the abundance of information we are surrounded with. It can make it exciting and confusing to know what to do at times! Thank you again to everyone who has helped contribute questions ❤

Q & A Oil Pulling

Q: Can I do 10 minutes twice a day instead of 20 minutes?

A: I haven’t heard, seen or experimented with results being separated this way. With that being said, I wouldn’t recommend it. This is an ancient practice so I am personally wary of making modifications. Oil pulling works best straight in the morning because consuming anything including brushing our teeth even! Breaking up the time block to oil pull will probably not provide the best results.


Q: Do you know if you can spit out the oil a few minutes in and get another tablespoon with it being just as effective?

A: I apologize but my response is the same as the answer I have for the previous question. Several people writing, creating videos or lecturing on the topic of oil pulling may say this is totally a-OK to do. Since I have not found any information stating that it has been proven to be effective by spitting it out earlier, spitting it out and taking more oil and so forth I am reluctant to say that this is a-OK to do.


Q: Are there any health risks of oil pulling?

A: There are slight detox symptoms for some who are oil pulling (one would have to be keeping up with their oil pulling routine and these symptoms seem to be rather rare). Detox symptoms are rare, mild and few; headache, congestion, and overall drainage from ears and nose. I know there have been concerns with doing oil pulling while pregnant, however I have not seen anything stating that oil pulling should not be done while pregnant. Several people I personally know have practicing oil pulling during pregnancies and no issues arose.


Q: Do you remember where you found your information on oil pulling?

A: I have read several sites from Ayruveda certified practitioners over the years plus have read texts like the Charaka Samhita. There are numerous published books on the topic of oil pulling. I recommend doing your research on the author and making sure they have certifications in wellness practices.


Q: Do you have any recommendations on how to make an oil pulling routine a more beneficial and successful experience?

A: Do not go cheap on the oil you use! Make sure you are using an organic, virgin and cold pressed sesame oil or coconut oil. Please do not accidentally swallow the oil. Put a sticky note by your night table, bathroom mirror or even set-up a mobile phone alarm so you remember to oil pull. This is a routine, practice, it’s your wellness! To get the best results please get yourself set-up for success. Using quality, time, and love 😉 This is a herbal, homemade remedy, it is not like taking a pill and pop all the problems are done just like that. But oil pulling is totally worth the patience and can be an inexpensive alternative.

4 thoughts on “Q & A On Oil Pulling

  1. bmary says:

    I’m totally going to try this!

  2. lindy says:

    It’s not really necessary to do it for the full 20 minutes to see real benefits.

    I’ve been doing this for about seven years and have never swished the coconut oil around my mouth for more than five minutes. I started because of sinus troubles, which cleared up within the first couple of weeks (after pulling for about two minutes every day). My teeth were whiter and my morning “kitten” breath totally disappeared within the first week (after pulling for about two minutes every day).

    When I recommend it to people, I tell them that it’s meant to be done for the 20 minutes, but that I do for a maximum of five. Everyone who has tried it does it for the same amount of time and has had great results as well. Some of them have eventually gone up to the full 20, but most of them haven’t seen a vast improvement over the initial, shorter amount of time.

  3. Shannon says:

    I’ve tried this a couple of times and am struggling with the fact that my salivary glands continue to produce saliva and fill my mouth to the point that if I don’t either spit or swallow a little bit, then I’m going to have a spitty, oily mess running down my chin after only a few minutes. I’m assuming that spitting is preferable, but I have also held the liquid in my mouth and swallowed from my throat, leaving what is in my mouth where it is. It surprises me that in all that I have found online about oil pulling, I have never seen anyone else talking about this issue and I’m just wondering: Does anyone else ever run into this or am I doing something wrong? I am using 1 tsp of coconut oil.

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