We’ve Lost Our Senses. Why Body Odor Happens and What To Do To Change Your Scent.

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December 28, 2013 by Living Girl Living Foods

The dread body odor. Pew, yuck, oh my goodness that smell is coming out of me, why can’t that just smell like roses, the embarrassing stink. Our mind goes wild with ideas of what people will think of us, the shame, social awkwardness, or may be even trying to plan a way to blame something else for the reason why we smell.

May be we mask it, try to drown the stink in perfumes, deodorant, creams, or even keep multiple layers on at all times to hide the odor. Body odor is linked to numerous habits that may connect in our minds without much thought while other aspects of it do not come to us that easily.

I’d like to focus on the ways ones body odor may become more offensive smelling that isn’t as simple as eating so much garlic. There are other habits besides what we eat that creates a literal stink in our personality and body. I am listening these in no special order 😉

Deodorant, Creams, Perfume, Detergent, Skin Care, Cleaning Products: Artificial Scents

 This might seem ironic but all those sprays, creams, roll on gadgets and artificial scented items some of us “must” keep on us is the root of body odor issues. Besides artificial fragrances being linked to seriously over 100 health issues, the fragrance world is a self-regulated industry. These means manufacturers in this field do not NEED to disclose the ingredients used. Many of the ingredients used interfere with our hormones trying to do their natural thing. Once upon a time our natural body odor would aid in attracting the ideal mate. You see that, we are even messing up our fairy tales here ;)! These products do not “cure” fowl body odor but just slightly mask it or try to mingle with our odor and it doesn’t end up pretty. Our bodies are covered in little pores that absorb everything. Just imagine how much harm these chemicals are doing to our bodies, brain, the environment and yes even our social lives.


 Consuming large quantities of alcohol creates an acid body, our systems try to cleanse out the substance and work it’s way to becoming more balanced. One of the best ways of purging for the body is through bowel movements, pores, our nasal passage, any orifice on our body.

Lack of Movement/Detox

Yes’m, shake it, jump, run, swim, climb, do something to thank your body for being this crazy beautiful creation. Moving our organs, lymph, our whole being helps shake up anything in the body that is struggling to purge out. Sweat it out 😀 If one literally sits on a couch all day, how is the air around them being broken up, shared, circulated and prevented from forming a smell. Our pores are constantly purging of things. I recommend trying out a dry brush for those interested in letting dry old skin to completely fall. This aids with lymph health, organs and of course skin health.

Mucus Forming Habits

Consuming dairy, wheat, processed sugars, and processed foods can create mucus in the body. This slows down the elimination process, one of the many contributions to acne. Another mucus forming habit is being a slob 😛 living in ones own garbage, stink, depression, hate, mess and so forth. These habits all block air from easily moving through just like it prevents the body from doing it’s necessary work on our organs, blood, muscles and oodles more.

Be Clean

This is in a way an off branch of mucus forming, but yes, CLEAN yourself. Wash your bed sheets more than once or twice a month. Actually wash your bras and not wear the same one every single day. Take the time to give yourself a proper washing, may be imagine all the gazillion little spores on your body and trying to make sure you clean every single one.


Yes, your stress is making you live in a literal stink ball, like Pigpen in Charlie Brown for example. When we put our bodies in so much stress everything goes in overdrive the sweat that is created from stress v.s the sweat from a work out are not the same. Stress sweat is linked to the Aprocrine glands which produce a less-watery sweat and it so happens that bacteria finds this to be a gourmet buffet. Find ways to de-stress ❤ Go for a walk, actually focus on your breath and appreciate it, work out, ask for help or may be even help others.

Cruciferous Vegetables (cabbage family foods in HIGH amounts)

Just like how asparagus creates a notorious smelling urine, it can also stink through our pores. For some this is more potent and likely to happen while others aren’t as effected by these foods. For me personally broccoli, brussel sprouts, bok choy and kale do not cause a stink but asparagus does. The natural sulfurs in these foods is what creates it, think of a rotten egg for example that is a highly strong smelling example of sulfur.

You May Have A Rare Health Condition Called Trimethylaminuria

This is when the body can not break down Trimethylamine and produces a kind of fishy smell instead. It is released through ones breath, sweat, and urine. Sadly there isn’t much of an awareness in our lives about this condition. Those with Trimethylaminuria have the tendency to struggle in social situations because of their condition, something that is beyond their control and could happen to any one any where. Sometimes one will wear multiple layers to cover the smell when actually this does not help at all. The cloth ends up becoming moist, moist damp and dark areas are ideal for bacteria growth thus more stink.

There are even a few cases where one learned they had diabetes through a change in body odor. Smells are part of our senses, our language and for a gosh darn good reason. Sometimes things do not click for us in a way we would assume they should. If something smells bad, we know the food has probably gone rotten and do not eat it. This protects us, helps us live longer, and survive. Smelling is important just as seeing, hearing, feeling…there is a reason why we have all these skills.

With the world of marketing and needing to sell things I think we all lost our senses (hehe). What is ACTUALLY the root of the problem here? It’s not that we have body odor and it’s going to scare someone away. But there is something about us personally that isn’t right, that literally stinks. What changes can you make?

Thank you all for taking the time to stop by my site. I wanted to change things up here on the site and write something a little different, I hope you all managed to gather something interesting at least. Wishing you all a beautiful weekend! Much love ❤ and raw power 😉


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