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December 16, 2013 by Living Girl Living Foods

Cheers to you my sweets!

This year is coming to an end, with months of celebrations, extravagant meals, gatherings, gifts, laughter, sharing, helping, and possibly traveling.

For some, this is the time of the year they dread because they always end up getting sick. I’ll be sharing some tips on what foods to consume, their benefits, and closely discussing “wellness shots”. I say this with little bunny ears because this isn’t like a shot from a doctor saying okay now you won’t get the flu, one shot and your done. With the right care and diet plus having a little concoction like this we can prevent things like the flu or have a speedy recovery. Nothing is a quick fix, this is something we have completely made up with how our society functions 😉

Glutathione aids in battling the flu, it is found in cruciferous vegetables such as; kale, cabbage, collard greens, broccoli, brussel sprouts and so on. This is why consuming as much greens as possible, no matter the season is beneficial, they are powerful detoxers, fight free radicals, and improve our immune systems.

Most of these greens are high in Vitamin C keeping our holidays a little brighter!

So you want to brew up your own wellness shot but aren’t all that positive about what exactly to put into it. Here are some wonderful basic ingredients to include that are specifically flu/cold/anti-bacterial/anti-inflammatory based.

Cucumber: Cucumbers are 95% water roughly, the rest is fiber. Typically we think of beauty health when the benefits of cucumbers comes to mind. Cucumbers are used in skin treatments from irritations, sunburns or even puffy eyes. The anti-inflammatory properties are what makes cucumbers super duper amazing for beauty health. They also are wonderful for digestion because of it’s water and fiber content. This aids in eliminating toxins from the digestive system from the body. Part of staying healthy, strong, happy and radiant is staying hydrated, keeping our organs functioning at ease and yes fiber.  I have a previous post where I discuss cucumbers, please check it out if you are interested in reading more about this amazing food. In this old post I also share a Cucumber Shot recipe 😀

Ginger: Ginger is one of those spices/herbs that could honestly be a book of benefits and stories…without being boring! It is considered to be a natural remedy for; cataracts, fever, dizziness, upset stomach, chronic fatigue, sciatica, cough and is a wonderful anti-bacterial. The slight heat from ginger can be cleansing for the nasal passages, throat and is ideal to add into any juices, smoothies or even homemade anti-bacterial products. Taking a bath in ginger root, or even having a cup of ginger tea is helpful in reaping the benefits. If you are not use to using fresh ginger please keep in mind that it does have heat to it, possibly try a little less at first and I always recommend peeling ginger root since the peel has bacteria.

Cayenne Pepper: This pepper has never gone out of style, I see more and more people now drinking lemon cayenne water beverages. Cayenne pepper is loaded with numerous vitamins (might be a shocker for some); Vitamin C, Zinc, Iron, Riboflavin, Potassium and Selenium are just a few. It aids in fighting free radicals, degenerative disorders and cardiovascular disorders. Many people find cayenne pepper to be stimulating, not just for their brains but also for their intestines. Cayenne is cleansing, detoxifying and like ginger the heat can be helpful with clear passages.

Parsley & Cilantro: The health benefits of these herbs are rather similar and in the past I have done an in-depth post all about them. If you would like to learn more about parsley and cilantro please check out the post. Herbs like parsley and cilantro benefit the blood, kidneys and gall bladder. They even strengthen the arterioles and capillaries. I mostly discuss the detoxing, anti-bacteria and blood health benefits in my previous post but it is important to mention that these are powerful diuretics.

Citrus fruits like lemons, limes, oranges and grapefruits: I use lemons and limes especially SO much in my meals, drinks and so on. Citrus is powerful in aiding in digestion, even though they are sweet and bright citrus has a warming effect. They have been noted to be beneficial in treating respiratory disorders, peptic ulcers, gout, urinary disorders and even gum health. Citrus is cleansing, detoxing and is a great anti-bacterial ingredient. Squeeze a little citrus juice on your hands for a delicious natural hand sanitizer!

Cinnamon: Yeah, that’s right it smells good, it’s comforting and actually has nutritional value. Cinnamon helps relieve pain, powerful anti-inflammatory, can contribute to regulating and stabilizing blood sugar. Cinnamon is rich in fiber, iron, calcium and manganese. Here is a previous post where I share a Cranberry Pomelo Cinnamon Ginger Cocktail Recipe.

Turmeric: I’m a bit obsessed with this root, even though it has stained by clothing and is an oober tough ingredient to wash off my juicer. Turmeric has a wide range of benefits; antioxidant, antiviral, antibacterial, anti-fungal, anti-carcinogenic, antimutagenic and anti-inflammatory properties. It is also loaded with fiber, niacin, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Vitamin K, sodium, potassium, calcium, copper, iron, magnesium and zinc.

I know I have a great post on ginger and turmeric a while back that I can’t seem to find right now, oooof. But here are some great basic ingredients to add into your own Wellness Shots. I have recipes of lots of different juices, cocktails, and shots on my site so please feel free to look through my archive if there is a certain ingredient you are interested in using.

Below is a Wellness+ Shot I made for myself with a general BE WELL theme ❤

BE WELL Wellness+ Shot

BE WELL Wellness+ Shot

Cucumber, celery, cilantro, lime, ginger, habanero, turmeric, lemon and a dash of cayenne pepper.

Juice and put in a cute glass that you can enjoy all the beauty from the produce and the concoction you made with care.

Wishing you all a fun filled holiday season! Thank you all for taking the time to stop by my site. Much love ❤ and raw power 😉


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