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December 13, 2013 by Living Girl Living Foods

Hi love bugs!

I wanted to do a Q & A Winter video but YouTube is being a pain in the caboose and will only let me do a 5 minute video, as you can imagine this isn’t much time for everyone’s outstanding questions. So I apologize but I’ll have to type it out instead!

Q: What produce is in season during the winter?

A: I did a post on Fall seasonal foods a few weeks back, and almost all of the same foods are in season during the Winter except now potatoes are a huge thing but as you can imagine raw foods and white potatoes don’t exactly mix well.

A few of the big changes from fall to winter is, figs are out of the picture, citrus is in; grapefruits, oranges, lemons, limes. Cabbage related foods and roots are still in as well as the tougher greens; kale, collard greens, spinach and chard.

Even though it is the winter time this doesn’t mean our radiant skin and health has to be different! I personally consume more orange colored foods around this time to keep my beta carotene up. These foods tend to keep my mood up, skin looking healthy and giving me the energy needed for holiday madness.

Q: What is best during the winter, juices or smoothies?

A: I typically recommend for people to mix things up and not do just juices or just smoothies. During the winter since everyone’s sweet tooth and appetite goes up because of stress, lazy weather, it being darker earlier and temptations from all the treats around smoothies would probably work best for most people. The fiber will help with staying satiated, typically they have more fruit than a juice so this can curb ones sweet tooth. On the negative side it doesn’t give that almost instant jolt that some people feel with juices, this is why I like to stress rotating drinks around.

Q: Any tips on choosing healthier options at parties, office snacks and so forth? 

A: I’ve mentioned this before many times in previous posts, I personally like to “pre-load” or “pre-game.” I will eat before attending any events where I know the healthy options I choose for myself will not be available. If you aren’t on a specific lifestyle, and just want to make better choices eat as many real foods as possible. Things that are naturally colorful, full of life and are plant based. If you are going to eat some treats and sweets, limit yourself and may be try something you know isn’t as processed.

At the office or at a party bring something you personally love to eat. Do not make others feel guilty about the choices they make or make a scene that there is nothing there you would eat. There is no benefit in attacking others, this also shows a lack of compassion for where people are in their life. Live by example, share your food but do not be egotistical. Just leave the food out and let everyone make their own choice.

Lecturing people on how healthy something is isn’t going to make them want to eat it, if the food calls to them it calls to them.

Depending on your relationship with your coworkers and family, may be the holidays can be made into a fun challenge to see who can make the most delicious and nutritious treats. Try to let it be fun for everyone! If they aren’t on the same page, no biggie. We all have our own journey.

Please consider the way you speak about food, possibly even record yourself. You are choosing an option that is best for you. If “I can’t have that” is more or less the language you have with food, this eventually can become very unhealthy and can lead to food relationship issues.

Your body is not a trash bin.

You are surrounded by abundance. Look at all of the options we silly human beings have! Someone can eat a CONFETTI cake if they wanted to, jinkies. I would rather consume a confetti party all day long with the rainbow of produce that surrounds me.

Make choices that resonate with you, that will not be regretted later, tomorrow or if someone asked you what you ate you wouldn’t feel embarrassed, upset or etc.

Thank you all for taking the time to stop by my site and to send me your wonderful questions. Wishing you all a magical holiday season! Much love ❤ and raw power 😉



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