Imperial Tonics: Ancient Wisdom Cacao Cappuccino & Information On Chinese Herbs


October 23, 2013 by Living Girl Living Foods

Hi friends,

I have a delicious product that I would like to share information about with you all today. On my site before I have spoken about Chinese Herbs and Tonics, today I will be speaking about a specific product, sharing my experience using Imperial Tonics recipe with their amazing Ancient Wisdom tonic blend, as well as a Ancient Wisdom Spiced Fudge recipe I came up with and a little more information on herbs.

Imperial Tonics was established in 2011, they have their own blog where recipes and information is shared, the herbs are sourced from China, and their products are GMO-free.

I had the pleasure of try out their Ancient Wisdom blend. I’ll be discussing herbs specifically here. One of the best ways to enjoy herbs like this is in a liquid form, or adding it into something that has a liquid so for example I used coconut nectar in the fudge I made so this helps the food absorb/grasp the herb.

Within Chinese Herbalism, energy throughout the body and nature is classified in three primary forms: Jing, Qi & Shen.

Jing is made of condensed energy to be spent. We are all provided with a certain quantity of Jing for our life time. If Jing energy is spent too much on things such as stress then illness arises. Thus, Jing governs health, life span and vitality.

Qi is the energy in motion, the energy of life. It obtained through food and air. Qi tonics have a significant impact on the immune system, metabolism and stress within the body as well as assist in building strength and muscle.

Shen is awareness, balance, being centered and driven to achieve one’s goals.

This Ancient Wisdom blend provides herbs with all of these primary energy forms. It uses; Duanwood Reishi Spores, Astragulus IV, Schizandra, Goji Berry & He Shou Wu. I have spoken about all of these herbs except for Schizandra on my site so I am quickly going to describe this herb and then do a recipe share with you all. Schizandra tonifies all five Yin organs of the body and possesses large amounts of all three of the energies. Schizandra may sharpen the mind, purify the blood, improve memory, rejuvenate the Kidney Jing energy, and cause the skin to become radiantly beautiful. Today Schizandra is recognized for its broad-spectrum effects as a Phase I & II liver detoxifier, not only cleansing toxins from the liver but effectively binding to them and removing them from the body. This interesting bit of information was provided to me by Imperial Tonics, I wasn’t all that familiar with this herb so it was exciting to see how beneficial it is.

I tried Imperial Tonic’s Cacao Cappuccino recipe and was beyond pleased. I felt an extra kick in the caboose to be motivated and get things done. It also happened to be a rather chilly, rainy and stereotypical New England day. To have such a brain, blood, and liver charging tonic lifted my spirits. My taste buds were impressed too 😉 this tasted like a refined version of a nut milk cacao drink. Below is an image of my Ancient Wisdom blend bottle, the Cacao Cappuccino as well as the recipe & another recipe that came in the box.



I also made a delicious Ancient Wisdom Pumpkin Spice Fudge Recipe of my own!20131023-181307.jpg

1 cup raw sprouted almonds, in a food processor until it is a butter

Then add…

1 tablespoon cacao

1 tablespoon coconut nectar

1 scoop of Ancient Wisdom

According to taste…

Nutmeg, Cinnamon, Clove, All Spice, Ginger Powder, Turmeric Powder, Fresh Vanilla or Vanilla Extract and I used a bit of Healthforce Nutrition’s Earth Powder

Blend until smooth, roll or hand press this out and cut whatever shapes you prefer! This makes around 10 small fudge pieces or one massive piece like I made 🙂 Store in your fridge, this stays delicious and okay to eat for 5 days and congrats if this even can stay in your fridge this long!

If you are interested in adding tonics into your lifestyle I highly recommend trying out Imperial Tonics or any of the Chinese Herbs I have mentioned on my site which you can find information on here.

I hope you all found this information on herbs, tonics, the Imperial Tonics brand and delicious fudge interesting! Hopefully it has inspired some of you to come up with your own tasty concoctions. I find the herbs to be helpful with staying warm, active and balanced during the chilly fall and winter seasons here. Thank you for taking the time to stop by my site! Much love ❤ and raw power 😉


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