Cucumber Noodles <3

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October 9, 2013 by Living Girl Living Foods

For the most part, I think people who have been reading, following or eating raw vegan recipes for a while are bored with zucchini noodles. At first there is a lot of hype and excitement over it, and then it’s over hahaha.

At times raw zucchini can be rather difficult for some people to digest. It can create discomfort, possibly a burning sensation or diarrhea.

Cucumber noodles are much more easier on the digestive process and provide more of that wet slurp noodle fun.

To create noodles the best gadget is a spiral slicer, there are other attachments also to play around with more noodle shapes.

Cucumber noodles are mostly made of water so it can be surprisingly filling. Usually depending where one lives, cucumbers can always be found and they aren’t too expensive.

Below I will share two cucumber noodle creations I have made that myself and others have enjoyed. These took at most 8 minutes to prepare and probably only costed around $5 to make per serving. Besides a spiral slicer I did need a blender for one of the sauces. This might sound loco to some, but I like to challenge myself in the kitchen with trying to use less and make more. Less gadgets, ingredients, techniques, nuts, oils and so forth.

Any who, here are some yummy cucumber noodle dishes I have come up with!

Cucumber Noodles with Basil, Spinach & Nori


Cucumber spiral sliced that was slightly peeled (in stripes) to add some texture and color

Ripped nori sheet

Chiffonade basil & spinach

Lemon juice

Coconut aminos

Sesame seed oil

Light sprinkle of black sesame seeds to tie it all up!

Cucumber Noodles with Creamy Asian Pear Ginger Sauce


Cucumber spiral sliced

Chiffonade Baby Bok Choy

For the dressing I blended:

1/2 large Asian pear that was peeled


Coconut Vinegar


Lemon juice

Sesame seed oil

Once I poured the sauce over the noodles, mixed them gently I added a sprinkle of hemp seeds for some nutty savory flavor

Some other great add ins for these that just aren’t really my things personally would be; garlic, onion, scallions, dates or coconut nectar for sweetness, peppers, snap peas or anything you come up with!

These are just some basic ideas for you all to launch off and make it into your own yummy creation.

Thank you all for taking the time to stop by my site and read my jibber jabber. Hope you all have a creative, fun and delicious week! Much love ❤ and raw power 😉


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