Today’s Yummy Meals <3 Fall Inspired Goodness & Celeriac

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October 5, 2013 by Living Girl Living Foods

I’ve seen the reaction on people’s faces when a friend or myself says “raw vegan,” my face suddenly becomes the face of a bunny, an alien, the concept of “raw” doesn’t make sense, or may be they are not familiar with the term vegan.

Today I am sharing what juice I had for lunch and the salad I had for dinner. The options with produce are bountiful, our minds need to also be in this mind set however 🙂

I didn’t think of writing down the quantities so I apologize now for my lack of organization. But I figured there is still some useful ideas, flavors, concepts, colors and yumminess to share with you all any who!

I used celeriac in my foods today, a root vegetable that doesn’t get enough love in my opinion. It’s not the most beautiful looking vegetable either, there is a slightly thick skin on it like a beet.


It is a little softer than a beet and tastes like a mix of celery and parsnip. This is a wonderful not so traditional Fall root vegetable. You could make a soup, juice or delicious salad using celeriac. Celeriac should be stored in your fridge, kept dry, and overall be treated like a beet.

I always find pictures to be helpful with showing and providing information. Here are a few photos of my celeriac adventures today ❤

Celeriac Green Juice

Celeriac (peeled), lemon with rind, ginger (peeled), fennel with dill, celery, spinach, granny smith apple & romaine lettuce.



This was a rather mellow juice, the lemon was dominate, and it wasn’t celery tasting overload. I found this to be a wonderful way to mix up my green juices since using the same ingredients every time is not recommended. Our bodies seem to reap the benefits from greens more when we change it up 😀 So go ahead, buy something “new” to you in the produce section, juice it, add it in a salad, at least hold it and see what you can learn just from looking.

Here is a salad that I am absolutely in love with! I chopped apples and carrots, tossed them in the blender with a little tahini, sesame seed oil, hot pepper, and coconut vinegar. The salad is mixed greens, oodles of romaine, chopped celery, julienned celeriac, julienned apple, spiralized beet, julienned yellow bell pepper and I mushed it all together with lots of love of course!


If you ever feel like you are stuck in the routine of making the same juices or salads please take a look at my previous posts on finding your inspiration. Here is my juice inspiration post and the salad guide. I work with clients one-on-one to aid in figuring out their palate and helping them have more fun in the kitchen too!

I hope this post has some yummy ideas flowing through you and may be can help create a larger produce section list to your grocery needs 😉 Thank you all for taking the time to stop by my site and read my jibber jabber. Much love ❤ and raw power 😉 Jess

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