Fall Seasonal Fruits <3 There's More Than Pumpkins & Apples


September 24, 2013 by Living Girl Living Foods

There’s pumpkin, apple, spiced concoctions up the wazoo right now and all I can think to myself is, “Dear Fall, I know there is more to you, don’t you worry sweetie.” So to show that Fall has an abundance of goodies to provide us all here is a post on two seasonal fruits that are underrated in my eyes.

 Italian Plums/Fresh Prunes since the drying process makes it a prune, and Concord Grapes.

Like figs, we tend to think of prunes dried. Prunes are extremely similar to plums in how to choose a ripe one, storage, and they aren’t as sweet as plums but do taste similar. Any dried fruit should be consumed in small quantities, the amount of sugar and how long it takes for our bodies to digest it are the concerns. While the fresh versions are always a healthier choice 🙂


Italian Plums are excellent for brain and eye health, energy, weight loss, and gives an immunity boost. They taste wonderful just as is, in desserts like cakes or over your preferred ice cream. Some people enjoy them as dressings, over salads, in fruit salads, any dishes with apples in them since they compliment one another well or just as is.

I personally love to juice them and add vanilla with a dash of cinnamon! For me at least these are two of the most comforting spices to add to meals/drinks.

Comforting Spiced Italian Plum Juice


18 pitted plums, makes roughly 2 1/3 cups juice

1/2 fresh vanilla bean

A dash of cinnamon

Stir & Enjoy ❤

This juice reminds me a little of pear juice just not as sweet and much smoother. I like how the plum juice has that autumn coloring too it even.


If consuming these, and not juicing them PLEASE do not throw away the seeds! The seeds in grapes are one of the most beneficial parts of this food. Consider drying the seeds to grind into a powder to add into smoothies, teas, juices, dressings, dips…any way you possibly can.


Concord grapes juice no joke remind me of the smell and taste of “grape flavor,” “purple juice”…I think you get the point hahaha. It’s so fruity, sweet, yummy and candy-like!

Grapes can add texture to shredded salads, more traditional green salads, smoothies, or even made into marinades. Your imagination is your only limitation! 

I am currently working on a rather long post about Apple Cider Vinegar where I share the pros, cons, and depending on the state of one’s health if it is “healthy” to use and consume this product. Since this is such a popular product I am making sure to double check all of my information and make sure that I state everything as clearly as possible. If you happen to have any questions about this product please shoot me an email at livinggirllivingfoods@gmail.com. I would greatly appreciate it! Let’s all help each other out 🙂

Thank you all for taking the time to stop by my site and read my jibber jabber. Wishing you all a wonderful week. Much love ❤ and raw power 😉


2 thoughts on “Fall Seasonal Fruits <3 There's More Than Pumpkins & Apples

  1. Fern Cohen says:

    Thanks for this post and I am looking forward to your upcoming post about apple cider vinegar. Dr. Oz talks about ACV all the time and it intrigues me

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