Happy 5-Year Anniversary To “The Flavor Bible” & Book Giveaway

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September 16, 2013 by Living Girl Living Foods

In honor of “The Flavor Bible” celebrating it’s 5-year anniversary I would like to re-share my previous post on this book and share a few more reasons why I like this book so much.

Besides being an inspiration and creating a full flavorful story to your dishes this book has ingredients listed that may be you have been terrified to work with. Since the authors have a nice light and simple approach to sharing their information, even the most terrifying ingredients to use feels more do-able. I think we all have some spice, meat, vegetable, oil, or fruit in mind that we always do the same exact thing with every time. Or possibly just ignore all together!

With my fellow foodie friends we will play games where we list an item and we all have to come up with something that pairs well with it. “The Flavor Bible,” has been handy when we are all stumped or arguing over who is right or wrong, hahahaha.



             “The Flavor Bible,” is a food library, the resources, day dreams, inspiration is all at your finger tips.

The authors Andrew and Karen are providing one lucky reader with a copy of their book “The Flavor Bible.” Here are the rules for entering the giveaway and a massive thank you to them for offering this! Having a more fun, loving and exciting experience with food is an important flavor to our lives. This will create more happy chefs out there and inspire people to dish out delicious healthy meals.


Here is the giveaway generator via FaceBook (link below) to get your entries in! Happy Giveaway everyone, best of luck ❤


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