Day 2 Of My Juice Cleanse <3


September 14, 2013 by Living Girl Living Foods

I completely filled up my day yesterday and had zero time to do a post about my juice cleanse! My friend Melissa over at and myself are doing a little 3 day juice cleanse together. Even though she is in California and I am in Rhode Island, every ounce of support and love is felt!

I have a quick video here with how my juice cleanse has been going mentally, energy wise and yes, poop-a-doop talk.

Bowel movements, THE duty, whatever you prefer to call it. I know a few of you really can not stand the poop talk but it’s honestly way up there on the top questions I am asked by people who are curious about juice cleanses. I decided to do this segment on video so if you don’t want to hear about it, you don’t have to 😉

Here are three juices from my cleanse that I think are “sharing” worthy! Like always, I juice with organic produce, juice it fresh at my home with a juice, and never add green powders.

Green Grapeaid Recipe


1 1/2 cup green grapes

4 Romaine leaves

2-4 celery sticks

Lime slice with rind only if organic

I added 1 cup of water to the mix just to make a larger quantity of juice 😀

This is honestly one of my favorite new concoctions! The lime and grapes truly make this a treat.

Carrot Beet Jalapeno Juice Recipe


1 medium to large carrot, I personally like to peel them because the juice comes out smoother this way

1 medium beet or a quarter of a beet if raw beet juice is new to your system

A slice of jalapeno according to your taste buds

Slice of lime with rind ONLY if organic

Add water if you would like 😀 I always add some to my personal juices to make more juice and to calm down some of the sweetness. This is a rather grounding juice, I had it for lunch to help settle me in for the evening. Putting two sweet vegetables together may seem redundant but it all depends on what other items are being juiced during ones juice cleanse. These were the more sugary vegetables I had the whole day 🙂 everything else was greens or cucumber based.

Fennel Lime Cucumber Juice Recipe


One quarter of a small fennel bulb

One small grab of dill (I used the stem and all as you can see above)

1/2 lime with rind ONLY if organic

1/2 medium cucumber

4 celery sticks

Water if you would like or even some ginger 🙂

You may be noticing a trend here with all the lime goodness I have going on. Lime or lemon is a great fruit to add to juices instead of adding something like apples or pears which have oodles of sugar! This also gives a fuller flavor to ones juice, especially if the rind can be used.

Well, here I am with the Fennel Lime Cucumber Juice and the big jug of water I carry around with me to refill the bottle I bring into the yoga studio.


This way I am always looking at water and have it around to drink. Even though the juices I prepare for myself use many high water content goodies it’s still important to drink good ole water. I have a few lemon slices in my, I had the slices steep in the water over night giving it a sweet, tart, yummy lemonade taste.

I hope this gives some of you an idea about juices, juices for a juice cleanse, or may be even a better understanding of what juice cleanses are like. I have done several juice cleanses in the past, so please feel free to search through my previous posts. I happen to be more of a juice heavy living foodie, so many juice recipes and food storage tips are on my site.

Please let me know if there is an ingredient you are interested in seeing in a juice recipe, any questions you may have and so on. Wishing you all a magical weekend! Thank you all for taking the time out of your weekend to stop by my site. Much love ❤ and raw power 😉


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