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September 2, 2013 by Living Girl Living Foods

Beauty lotions,  scrubs,  glow drinks, and other similar concoctions have been growing at an alarming rate over the years.  With marketing, high-definition TVs, our obsession with youth and trying to beat the natural process I’ve had more people show interest in eating living plant based foods to defy the odds of aging. The idea that plant based foods can clearer skin, decrease the chances of wrinkles and other benefits that are possible but are not guaranteed. I can’t say drink this many ounces of cucumber juice and you will have that amazing glow that we all dream of. With working with living plant based foods it doesn’t work like a prescription medicine. The science has not been built up enough,  we all a a whole, do not donate money or pay taxes for foods to be studied in this manner. I’ve had more and more people ask me to do a beauty post. This idea makes me want to cry, laugh and run away all at the same time.  I personally have no beauty regiment. I have coconut scrubs that are used may be twice a year. I do not use deodorant, I make my own tooth paste based out of coconut oil & baking soda, I do not use shampoo or conditioner, no wavy hair mousse or so on.

Well, here I amJessLGLF

The concept of beauty terrifies me, and that’s why I have been running away from writing about this topic. I use to be picked on for most of my school years for my looks; monkey face, big eyes, big nose, fat teeth, and being accused of having an eating disorder and that was why I was so tiny and short. Yet also being told I am fat and have a pug dog fatty face….I could go on & on, but I think you get the point.

The bullying I had heard for years has completely distorted my view of myself. I struggle to look in the mirror. I have a battle within myself when someone gives me a compliment; I honestly can not take a compliment well.  I am working on this aspect of myself, it’s been more difficult than some may imagine.

I know that what others say about me is actually how that person views themselves, and it is only harmful if I believe it. But it’s been a battle to accept this even though I know it as a fact.

So it’s not that I think I am “too pretty” to use such things or that my looks are amazing. I believe that the closer I am to finding my Self, making the changes I want to see in the world, being driven to serve others, create more happens and my other personal goals will make be a Beautiful person.

How I personally view beauty is from within you, me, and others. If you are nice, do good, think good thoughts, put light, an open hand, caring, and acceptance out there it has no choice but to radiate out of you. I can’t stand how loud and confusing my laugh is, but I have accepted that laughter is a form of beauty. To be able to truly let yourself laugh and not hold anything back. 1239846_968953843519_644468240_n Beauty is being your most authentic self. It is knowing that you are an awesome being! You are smart enough, strong enough,  it is being confident.  There is beauty within every single one of us, if we can see it or not. Beauty is going out there and looking for knowledge, improving the world, our community, giving to others, and making a difference in the world. Using a toner every morning isn’t going to even out the problems in the world. It won’t change the negative thoughts that come to mind. But using that time instead to volunteer will change the world. The word beauty has such a negative connotation to me. I think of chemical peels, make-up made with metals and things that we would never even let ourselves eat yet cover and feed our pores with. No one owes it to their partner, boss, family, friends or so on to be beautiful like the actors, artists, and celebrities that are oddly idolized. Their beauty is an illusion, just a bunch of magic tricks; computers, fancy lights, special effects it’s all smoke and lights.

To be beautiful is to live more simply. So I am not sorry that I do not have masks, lotions, elixirs, eye serums, sprays or so on. These do not hold beauty, it’s already in you.

Thank you all for taking the time to stop by my site and read my post. If you all would like I can share the “toothpaste” fresh in the morning. That’s really the only “trick” I have up my sleeve! Much love ❤ and raw power 😉 Jess

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