“New Food” Finds <3 Red Gooseberries & Red Currants.

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August 1, 2013 by Living Girl Living Foods

In previous posts I have mentioned to have fun with your food, experiment, try new things and if possible every month try a “new food.” I am actively working on getting better with sharing my new tastings, the experience I had and any information I managed to collect along the way.


Today I would like to share my adventure with fresh Red Currants and Red Gooseberries. The ones I purchased are hand picked in Massachusetts (I live in RI so not far away), they are organic, they aren’t cheap but once in a while I like to spurge on things 😉 I personally think it’s okay when it’s something as innocent as some berries hehe.

Red Gooseberries taste like a mix of red grapes and cherries. They have a little stem coming up from their head and the bottom has a little tail of a stem. There are brighter lines that remind me of veins. When ripe they are slightly soft, if it feels kind of gushy then it is over ripe.


The tiny seeds inside are edible, easy to eat but will still get a stuck in your teeth a bit. I do not recommend eating the stems from either the top or bottom. Please wash these carefully and only wash what you will eat, this way the berries last longer.

Like other types of berries, these do grow on bushes and originated from Europe & Asia. They can handle wide ranges of temperature and have been noted to be growing even near the Arctic Circle!

Gooseberries aren’t full loaded with much vitamins or minerals but there is a decent amount of Vitamin C, Vitamin B6, & Manganese.

I think Gooseberries are wonderful for making desserts like pies or crumbles. They would make a tasty jam, spread, tea, dried fruit or something different to add to your breakfast porridge or smoothie.

When storing please consider keeping them dry, moistness can create mold or fermentation. I like to keep mine in the box that I purchased in to prevent them from being crushed or bruised since they are delicate mini balloons 😉

Another tasty adorable little find I had was Red Currants. These came from the same company, same packaging and all. The currants look like little mini grapes, very elegant looking like they would easily break.



Almost all of mine were still on their stem making it a little better to handle them, I can just grab the stem and wash them this way, anything to assist in being gentle so I do not crush the currants 😀

Red Currants are extremely tart I guess like a tart cherry that isn’t ripe yet with a hint of lemon zest or some sort of citrus rind. It’s rather difficult to explain :-x! They are in the same family as gooseberries I can’t say they taste similar but the texture is and these little guys also are stubborn! They can be grown almost anywhere.

I would use currants in a very similar manner to Gooseberries. I can see currants though tasting really great for a dressing or on top of a salad too.

They have a fair amount of vitamins K & C, plus minerals such as Manganese and Iron.

Do you have any tips or recipes using these ingredients? I’d love to check it out if you are willing to share 😉

Wishing you all an amazing month. I hope this sweet and short post gives time for those who are still catching up with my previous post all about Wheatgrass. Thank you for taking the time to stop by my site. Much love ❤ and raw power 😉


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