Spunky Watermelon Juice Recipe <3 Quick Video On Diseases

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July 17, 2013 by Living Girl Living Foods

I dig watermelon juice that’s a fact, but today I wanted to make it a little spunky! In my mind I was imagining more of a watermelon gazpacho like concoction but simpler. I was ready to turn my pretty in pink juice into a good girl gone wild ;-)!

I wish I had limes around the house because 1/2 of a lime with the rind removed would have really kicked this up a notch and given that gazpacho vibe to the next level taste wise. So if you happen to have it around PLEASE try it out and let me know how it is if you can!

Spunky Watermelon Juice

14-16 ounces roughly


1/2 cucumber

4 cup watermelon cubed

8 leaves of cilantro (this small amount keeps the kick a little bit of a mystery)

1/2 lemon with the rind removed

Juice and Enjoy 😀

This juice is surprisingly filling and the color even looks like some sort of frozen cocktail. A little slice of cucumber or watermelon on the rim of your glass can make this drink look, taste and feel even more elegant. It has that Queen of the summer watermelon goddess feel that I love!

If you are interested in watermelons or may be haven’t had the pleasure to juice them before feel free to take a peak at my archeives. I have oodles of watermelon posts from recipes, health information to steepers. Here is a link to them for those interested.

I have a short video to share with you all on diseases, the dis-ease that has been created in and around our bodies. Sadly I ran out of memory to finish the video but I said the core points I wanted to mention!

These videos are so difficult for me to do so I apologize if I sound shaky or nervous 🙂 If videos just aren’t your thing I will wrap up the core points I want to make. Raw foods can aid in preventing diseases or lessening pain since the foods are easier to digest. When we BE and do with more ease at times it is healthier. For some, taking a workout to the next level is done at ease. If we can not breath while doing it more “hardcore” than it probably shouldn’t be done. These negative thoughts and actions only cause a ripple effect of more negatives. When there are moments that we want to scream at someone, we should probably be breathing and THINKING before we act, giving our mind some ease. I think this is our body trying to speak to us, if we listen we may hear more direction and understanding.

Thank you all dearly for taking the time to stop by my site and share this adventure with me. Wishing you all a yummy summer! Much love ❤ and raw power 😉


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