Happy International Raw Food Day <3!

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July 11, 2013 by Living Girl Living Foods

This is the fourth year of this wonderful observation day. I asked friends, family, clients anyone to please share with me any and all living plant based meals they consumed today.

For me I consider this a day to be thankful for vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds and herbs! I am grateful for my living plant based education from the Living Light Culinary Institute, all of the people and friends I made there and my rawkin’ instructors.

Thank you to all of the farmer’s, educators, instructors, chefs, raw restaurants, juice bars, tonic bars and all of the people that have graced my life through living foods.

There are numerous ways of making living plant based foods do-able. I asked some friends from all over to share with you all the meals they consumed today. We all are different beings, lifestyles, routines, we live in different states, have things in common and not but we all celebrate our lives, produce, wellness, and knowledge through living foods.

Here are a few menus from my friends :)! I hope this gives those an idea on how flavorful, unique, and abundant living foods can be.

Betsy from Nashville, Tennessee

Mixed berry smoothie with kale for breakfast

Cabbage and kale slaw with sundried tomato flax crackers and zucchini hummus for lunch

Dinner TBD 😉

I totally think today was a great slaw day for most states! I love how simple yet flavorful this “menu” is. Besides a dehydrator for crackers all of these things can be made with a knife and a blender! What a delicious day Betsy ❤ I love the mix of things going on here, a little bit of everything and loads of colors. Yum!

Toni from Rockwall, Texas

My raw food menu today: I started the day with a BIG glass of warm water with lemon. Later in the day I ate a BIG green smoothie (romaine, parsley, coconut oil, banana, mango, ginger and spirulina. I will be snacking on raw zucchini and cucumbers for hydration (its HOT in TX today!) and fiber. Later today will be eating a BIG marinated kale salad with carrots, red cabbage, pecans or pumpkin seeds and a spicy vinaigrette with just a little avocado.

I love the trend with kale, hummus, and smoothies! It’s easy to get crunch, smoothness, sweets and all with living foods. Toni this smoothie sounds amazing I will have to make this sometime ❤ Yummy! The salad sounds so delicious sweet, savory, pungent it has it all 😀 Yay more recipe ideas with a blender and a knife! Thank you Toni 🙂

Melissa from Burbank, California

So far I had green juice(celery, cucumber, ginger, lime and coconut water)
Carob herb tonic now
Watermelon/melon and lemons later!!

Tonic is:
Coconut water, longevity power, ho shou wu, ashwagandha, rhodiola, astragalus, zeolites, probiotics, maca, lucuma, mesquite, spirulina, stevia, carob, dandelion root powder, vanilla and pollen.

Lots of lemon water throughout the day. And some fresh grape juice too.

This tonic sounds bomb diggity my friend wow! I am in LOVE with this green juice you had too, I might have to replicate this in the morning 😉 Diggin’ all the herbs and fruit here wooo ❤ Melissa has a site Infinite Bliss Now with some recipes and delicious information.

Jazmin from Miami, Florida who also travels to New York, New York frequently!

Heres what i did: Pre breakfast” 1 inch of raw aloe 1 cup of water. Breakfast: 2 frozen bananas blended with 1/3 cup coconut water, cinnamon and raw cacao nibs for breakfast. A medium salad of greens, apples, fennel, beets, carrot, alfalfa sprouts and onions. 2 bananas and a cup of dates for lunch. Ginger infused water all day. For dinner ill make another big salad with greens, apricots a little apple scallions and maybe tomatoes.

Both of these salads sound delicious, colorful, and filling! Jazmin grows her own sprouts too so her salads are loaded with extra love. I’ve been trying to incorporate more aloe into my life, I appreciate this simple yet powerful approach to using this healing plant ❤ Here’s a great example of some recipe ideas using a blender and a good knife! Thank you Jazmin for sharing! I can learn so much for all my living plant based lovers!

EveryBODY is so different and thank goodness! I am inspired by all of my friends menus here too 😀 Herbs, tonics, salads, spices, smoothies, aloe water, high water content goodies, and so much more ❤

I wouldn’t consider these meals to be “gourmet” raw vegan either. Nothing insanely heavy, nurturing and nourishing meals, fairly easy to make time for plus numerous flavors and colors!

Thank you to all my friends who shared their meals today to make this fun, inspiring and delicious post. Thank you for taking the time to stop by my site and read this post. Much love ❤ and raw power 😉


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