Simplicity of Smoothies <3 Why I Do Not Use "Milks," Yogurts or Much Fats In Them

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July 1, 2013 by Living Girl Living Foods

I had an acquaintance asking me loads of questions about smoothie recipes on my site lately! Mostly about fats and alternative milks made from nuts and seeds. In my smoothie recipes I may use a little coconut oil, very rarely I would use sesame seed milk in a tonic and hardly ever do I use avocado.

Why? Why? Why? 

For most people smoothies means yogurt, milk, coconut meat, coconut water, some sort of fat to make it nice and thick.

Since I have been eating cleaner as I learn more about my body, spirit, mind and food I have rearranged my “meal plans.” Like right now for days I have been just wanted watermelon, peaches and grapes so that’s what I have been having and I feel excellent!

I think there is a time and place for certain foods. As we learn more, better our minds, health, body and studies of food we keep eating better. We eat better until we know even better!

It is essential to respect and honor where each friend, acquaintance, lover, co-worker and so on is at. To show compassion to another person is showing compassion for yourself and life.

Using fats in a smoothie currently does not serve me. It sits in my stomach for a long period of time, usually makes me feel bloated, gassy and on top of it all I have issues eating other things for the rest of the day. My stomach has a reaction that reminds me of what dairy products use to do to me; purge mania, meaning extreme bowel movements.

I have cleaned up my system fairly well, and I can’t say that someone on the Standard American Diet would feel or have the same results with fruits and raw foods that I have been showing with time. I think this is why some celebrities who have tried being a Fruitarian overnight become “ill.” Their body is detoxing and they leaped into such a clean diet without possibly doing some research or having the information to understand what is actually going on.

Nuts are far more acidic than most fruits also. So the alkalinity of the smoothie will become lower. Avocado now reminds me of dairy butter, like I am eating a stick of butter is the actual picture that comes into my mind. Thus, I do not eat them any more.

Nuts take our bodies more time to process, so parts of your smoothie will digest in may be an hour or so but nuts typically take around 4-8 hours.

Depending on the type of milk or yogurt you use, let’s say it is store bought there is most just fat in these products. Fat takes longer than celery for example for our digestion to breakdown.

Even store bought almond milk will have unnecessary ingredients such as; canola oil (corn oil), tapioca starch, lecithin, calcium carbonate, and potassium citrate. Yet when I make it at home I just use almonds, water and may be a date or vanilla bean to sweeten it.

As creatures of the 21st century we like to make things complicated! Oh I guess I can’t eat healthier until I eat all this junk in the house, I can’t make that smoothie since I don’t have this one ingredient and so forth. 

I would like to make being healthy simple, do able, and of course make it so it resonates with your lifestyle, digestion, and spirit.

Every body is oh so different and thank goodness, I say this frequently on here and I do not believe I can ever stress this enough! Always honor, love, respect and cherish your body. It’s your vehicle and in a sense your home. If something does not feel right, there is a reason.

So please if you want to make a smoothie with nuts, avocados, yogurt, milk, whatever please do so. If it feels well with you, you feel healthy, vibrant and full that is excellent! Please do not feel that you have to follow a recipe, or you are going to “mess up.” If you make it with love, have fun and consider the flavors of each ingredient it should work out. Sometimes zero thought and just throwing things in tastes superb. I’ve personally do this before and I know other people who have too.

A homemade smoothie verse a Wendy’s smoothie is better. A smoothie with an alternative milk verse a milk with loads of added ingredients and processes is better.

Keep moving! Smile, love, enjoy your time in your kitchen and see it as a way of honoring yourself, all the beautiful creations and making it so you are healthy enough to help others.

Here are a few ideas on how to get a froathy and thick smoothie without using fats such as yogurt, milk, avocado and coconut meat:





Frozen fruits









Have fun with it and live outside of the box that we put ourselves in our mind. Boxes aren’t meant for living in 😉

Thank you all for stopping by my site and reading my posts. Wishing you all a stunning week with loads of yummy treats. Much love ❤ and raw power 😉


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