Q & A Video, Revisiting Mono Meals, Sensitivities and Juicing VS Blending <3

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June 25, 2013 by Living Girl Living Foods

Sorry my sweets but I ran out of data space for my video so it was cut off :-X! 

For anyone who isn’t much of a video person I share my views on how it’s a great idea to rotate with smoothies/blended drinks and juices. There is lots of fiber in smoothies, while juices are best for healing and a more instant sensation as well as keeping the body feeling light. I go over this fairly well in my post about “What Is A ‘Raw Vegan’ Diet.”

My last post was on mono meals and I think it’s simplicity left people confused. But it is really that simple! Just one single type of fruit for a meal in a large quantity.

In this video I share sensitivities…let’s face it I’m always sharing my sensitivities! Nuts typically make me gassy, bananas if not super ripe and in a small quantity back me up and make me feel like  the Pillsbury Dough Boy. I honestly believe we are all far more sensitive to certain foods but our bodies are so backed up with toxins that we can’t feel it, we’ve created a numbness to something that is there to help us feel our best. To be our best also, so our organs and body can move in ways that is most beneficial.

I’d also like to share this beautiful post by my dear friend Melissa on feelings, emotions, negativity and embarrassment. Melissa’s way of writing feels casual, as if we are enjoying a mug of hemp milk with her ❤ I especially love the point she makes that our emotions are our internal guide.  This really clicks with me and my feeling that if we all spoke more freely about how we feel, our body functions, fears, goals, what makes us happy and so on we can become our most authentic self. Happy, loving, creating and present self ❤

I hope this clears up any of the confusion I may have unintentionally created discussing these topics and hope that seeing me speak about them helps. I need to work on mixing up medias, I know it makes a difference for me personally. Somethings click better when I read them, others when I see or work with it myself.

Thank you all for stopping by and taking the time to visit my site. Sorry this is such a short post but it is almost 8:40pm my time and I still have more prep food work to do! Wishing you all a beautiful week with great company, laughter and yummy treats. Much love ❤ and raw power 😉


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