Mono Meals <3 What Is It? Boring? Filling? Purchasing Tips & Health Benefits


June 22, 2013 by Living Girl Living Foods

Hi friends ❤

Sorry for the lack of posts! I am taking some online food related courses, getting ready for my vinyasa teacher training program, babysitting, and have been doing way too much work for free these days. I am starting to feel a little drained in the work sphere from the lack of energy exchange and appreciation.

I’ve been unintentionally doing mono meals lately, it must be all these wonderful summer time fruits that are calling me.

If mono meals is something new to you or your may be interested in just reading what I have to share I’ll try to wrap it up quickly. It’s a topic that many foodies could probably go on and on about.


A mono meal is where one eats one fruit in a large amount. So for example, I would eat 16 ounces of blueberries for breakfast. 

Why mono meal? Since one is eating the fruit piece by piece, and a high amount of fiber is being consumed it is actually surprisingly easy to get full/satiated from mono meals. They are easy to travel, prepare and eat too. These simple meals mean simple digestion and depending on the current state of your eating habits it may increase ones energy. For some this is a great way of seeing what foods you are sensitive or allergic to!

Some tips on what foods to purchase to plan out mono meals or how to go about doing it 🙂


  • Buy fruits that you can afford and enjoy in large quantities
  • Make your meals fun, try to eat a large selection of colors, textures, flavors, and shapes 😀
  • Try looking for items in boxes, bags, or cases for example a box of clementines, bags of peppers, a case of peaches etc.
  • Purchase fruits you know you enjoy and you do not have a bad history with. For example, I keep trying to get my body to like tomatoes since I love eating them. However since I was a child the acid in them would give me stomach pains and even now sometimes they make my mouth feel burnt. Some people get this similar sensation with pineapples.
  • Eat your meals only focusing on your meal. No music, book, TV, or so on. Eat a single blueberry at a time, chew on it until there is absolutely nothing left.
  • If mono meals sound boring to you or everything is about looks try serving your fruits in fun and unique ways. Use your favorite plate, bowl, mason jar, napkin or so on.
  • If you are trying to be strict and go mono mealing make sure this is really what you want to do! That you will be happy doing it and learning more about your body.
  • Do not have anything around the house that may tempt you if you are going strictly mono mealing.

Mono meals may be a great way to detox if going on a liquid cleanse doesn’t seem right for you at this current moment. It can also help us focus on creating a better relationship with our food and learning when we are truly hungry compared to eating out of emotions, boredom or since someone else is eating.


I would never say that mono meals always click with everyone, but possibly trying it for a half a day or day is excellent! It is much easier to follow this plan during the summer time also when the heat makes many of us only crave sweet juicy fruit any who 🙂

I hope this short but sweet post was helpful for those who are curious about mono meals, cleansing, allergies and so on. Wishing you all a wonderful weekend. Thank you for taking the time to stop by my site and read all the jibber jabber I share. Much love ❤ and raw power 😉



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