Review Of Raw Bob’s Organic Juicery East Greenwich, RI

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June 16, 2013 by Living Girl Living Foods

It has been months now I think since I have written a review on a product or restaurant. I honestly strayed away from it for a while because I was twice introduced as a person who “writes restaurant blog reviews.” This thought of me being perceived this way was rather unattractive, I felt like I was not being taken seriously as a living plant based foods instructor and educator. So I apologize that I let other people get to me, reviewing products and restaurants is truly important in the internet world to help others find awesome raw juice bars, supplements, treats and so on!

In Rhode Island it is currently difficult to find a vegan restaurant and juice bars are just kind of starting to pop-up and become a buzz word. Many juice bars will claim that their juice is raw when it is not. A raw juice will be prepared in front of you typically using a juicer or high speed blender. Please ask if the nut/seed milk is homemade, what brand of coconut water they use (so far the only raw coconut water is Harmless Harvest) or if they use fresh coconuts which of course is preferred.

Outside of Juicery

Sidewalk View/Outside of Juicery

Raw Bob’s Organic Juicery opened in May of 2013. It is located at 249 Main Street in East Greenwich, Rhode Island. There is street parking on this main road plus side roads, it’s two hours for free which should be more than enough time to order, drink, relax and enjoy your goodies.

Once my friend and I entered we were greeted by two employees who were pleasant, helpful, asked if we had questions and weren’t pushy about ordering or anything of the sorts. This was a relief for the two of us since neither of us are strangers to juices, smoothies, supplement boosts, wheat grass or raw food!

The menu is on a chalk paint wall on the left on the store, I loved how colorful the menu looked. Each drink is given a personality with a name that relates to the ingredients or health benefits. I was especially pleased that there is even a calorie listing for each drink.


Sorry! I took this photo with my phone so some of the words are cut off. Here you can see Raw Bobs menu on their FB Page, there currently is not a website for this establishment.

There are three sizes to choose from with juices and smoothies: 16 oz, 20 oz and 24 oz. The prices for juices and smoothies are not the same.

Juice prices are: 16 oz. $6.75, 20 oz $7.50 and 24 oz $8.25.

Smoothie prices are: 16 oz $5.75, 20 oz $6.75 and 24 oz $7.75.

I found these prices to be a bit expensive for not using a hydraulic press juicer, the shop had an Omega out for juices and a Vitamix for smoothies. But then one does not to consider the fact that the produce is organic and at least right now organic produce in Rhode Island is almost double what I was paying for in California.

I ordered The Cell Doctor in a 20 oz, this juice consisted of; cucumber, cilantro, parsley, lemon, ginger and pineapple. On Raw Bob’s FB menu it says that celery is in here too but I didn’t see it on the menu at the store and I couldn’t taste it if it was in there.


I found the juice to be very heavy on the pineapple, and at the bottom of my drink I could taste more cilantro and cucumber. I was bummed out mostly since pineapple is listed as the last ingredient, I didn’t realize it would be the star of the show.

This was a delicious combination it is possible that because I have been juicing for years now my taste buds prefer more of the bitter and pungent tastes of greens and herbs. Less fruit is typically needed in a juice for myself. I would totally order this juice again but probably ask if there is any way I could please have the ratios modified. I was also surprised at the amount of foam I had on the top of my drink, I own an Omega (not the same one they have in the store) and my drinks do not get froth like that.

It was great to see all the different types of juices, fruit smoothies and green smoothies available. There are also kids drinks, pooch pops, frozen lemonade, matcha green tea, hot shots and supplement boosts (.95 cents each) to add to smoothies. Overall, the prices were higher than I was anticipating I can honestly say this is the most expensive I have ever seen wheat grass shots sold at, $2.75 for a 1 oz. and $5.25 for a 2 oz.

Overall, I am excited to see a juice bar open in Rhode Island especially one that is focusing on making smoothies using real fruits and using organic products. I hope to see more treats inside the shop soon! I noticed they have KIND bars but these are not raw and I am not a fan of the rice sugars used in these products. Here is to more great things to come from Raw Bob’s Organic Juicery ❤ There standards are in the right place, the shop has a great welcoming feel and the location is excellent.

Credit or cash can be used here and for now there is limited seating outside. If you live in they area give this juice bar a try, may be treat yourself to a juice instead of that afternoon pre-crash coffee 😉

I hope this is helpful for anyone who lives in the area or is traveling through and thinking WAKE UP RHODE ISLAND! Thank you all for taking the time to stop by my site and read this post. Much love ❤ and raw power 😉


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