More Summer Simplicity <3 Raspberry Peach Jam In Romaine Lettuce Recipe, Little Rhody Lemon Green Machine Juice Recipe & Films For Action

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June 15, 2013 by Living Girl Living Foods

Sorry loves for not posting the past two days! Lots of exciting things going on for me right now; I started one of the two online courses I signed up for related to food, I got to hangout/watch my best friends children the other day and I start my yoga teacher training program in just a few days! Loads of reading and fruit consumption going on over here 😉

I have been going a bit heavy on fruits lately, there are so many in season right now and they seem to be resonating with me well. The energy has amazed me and it even feels slightly cleansing.

Lately everything has been so hurried for me lately that fruit has been my savior ❤

I just wanted to share some treats with you that I made for myself the past two days that I really enjoyed and think are worth sharing.

Raspberry Peach Jam In Romaine Lettuce


Place two romaine lettuce leaves on top of each other. Place the tips or bottoms of the leaves in opposite directions, this gives your wrap more support and a strong shape.

Cut a peach, remove the pit and chop

Grab a half full of washed raspberries and add them into the chopped raspberries and chop some more

Stir/mash this up! I added a pinch of vanilla and cinnamon which of course is completely optional

Add your jam into the center of the leaf and spread evenly

Try not to over fill it, it makes it impossible to wrap/close it up nicely

I cut the tips and bottoms of the romaine to make it look more appealing and cleaner…completely optional!

Some other delicious ideas for this wrap: add sliced oranges, may be use mango, throw in some sprouts or herbs…OR even add another layer of fruit and double wrap it! There are so many ways to jazz this up or keep it very simple. I frequently see friends eating bananas, bananas and dates or something I love to do which is just throw a had full of herbs and cherry tomatoes into a romaine leaf. I guess I was inspired by this idea with these wraps! This is a bit of a more summery, light and colorful approach.

I can not really take credit for this juice, the greens & herbs came from my local Farmer’s Market (this time around I went to Bristol, RI) where one of the stands sells a box of goodies called “Green Machine.” I bought this from a farm called Indie Growers based out of Bristol, Rhode Island. I used about half of the goodies to make one juice! Their produce from what I understand is not organic but is chemical free. They were founded in 2011, and I am excited to see a nano farm around that values doing as much as possible by hand

The apple, lemon and ginger I had at home and thought it would make a great traditional green juice with not so traditional ingredients.

Little Rhody Lemon Green Machine Juice Recipe


1/2 or 1 of your favorite apples (I used a Red Delicious)

1/2 or 1 lemon, I kept the rind on but you can remove it if you are not so tart, bitter, lemon crazy like I am

3 chard leaves

1 small handful of parsley

1 small handful of spinach

1/2-inch of ginger, peeled, or according to your preference

I did not use all of the lemongrass pictured, just may be 2 or 3 sprigs

I added around 1 cup of water to the mix just to make some extra juice since my apple was a bit dry

Juice and enjoy <3!

I’ve been asked about what vegan and animal rights related short films I like to watch online. I have never been asked this before, usually ever makes sure I have seen Food Inc. or something! But I watch a lot of short films from and highly recommend giving their site your time. There are amazing videos on food, sustainability, big ideas for the future, GMOs and technology.

One of the videos I most recently watched on there was, You Haven’t Lived Until You Have Hugged A Turkey. I personally could not deal with the same choir-like song playing over and over and had to turn the music off. But this video shares valid points without being gruesome. It actually did make me want to hug a turkey too…but I am a hug person in the first place 😀 The points and observations here can apply to almost all living creatures too.

Thank you all for taking the time out of your day to stop by my site! I hope what I share can be of some help or at least entertaining. Much love ❤ and raw power 😉


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