Q&A Post <3 "Remedies," Sensitivities, Cutting Boards and Fruit Flies.


June 10, 2013 by Living Girl Living Foods

Hi friends <3,

Every once in a while I try to collect questions clients and friends ask me that I hope will help others out also. Like always, if you ever have a question please feel free to e-mail me at, livinggirllivingfoods@gmail.com or drop me a message/comment on my site’s Facebook Page.

This time around I haven’t noticed a trend with the subject matter so I am sorry for the lack of flow! But either way, I think this questions are fantastic and would like to thank everyone again for asking me and also for even considering that there might be something “wrong” going on. It’s beautiful to see awareness growing!

Q: I’ve been seeing a lot of juice recipes that are being acne remedies and headache remedies. How do you feel about that? Do you agree or disagree with making such a claim?

A: This is something I have actually been meaning to write about and keep forgetting! There are ingredients in these juices that may be helpful for preventing acne, headaches and so on but the thing is one can not expect to drink this juice and the next day their acne is gone. Or suddenly, bam like magic, their headache has disappeared. If one does not keep up with juicing, using these ingredients that assist in prevention of pains, illnesses or so on then such a bold claim can not be made. We can not expect to have processed foods which I can confidently say create things like acne, headaches and illnesses plus a juice and expect that the juice will work it’s magic. Bigger lifestyle changes need to be made. I do not think it is fair to say that a juice or food will make it so one will have no acne. There are far too many factors to consider.

For example with me personally, I still get acne at times because my liver and kidneys have A LOT of cleansing to do even though I have been eating a living plant based lifestyle for years now. I have serious reactions to certain fabrics and perfumes plus I touch my face far too much :-X!

Q: I have removed gluten and wheat from my diet for years now but sometimes I get pains or discomfort as if I had gluten. Why do you think this is?

A: This is just my personal opinion and a slight trend I have noticed with clients but frequently those who are allergic or sensitive to wheat or gluten end up noticing other foods that bother them. Many people end up realizing that potatoes, rice, and soy products/flours end up causing discomfort also. Sadly, most gluten and wheat free alternatives are made with these ingredients. This is why I actually end up finding most of my clients, they look to raw foods for support and healthy alternatives. I think we are all sensitive to wheat and gluten, these ingredients have been modified, processed and overall junked up over the years that it is difficult for anyone to process them with ease. Sensitivities may feel like an allergic reaction but it is not something that will show up on a test. What I am getting at is if it makes you feel uncomfortable, in pain, gassy, bloated…it’s not worth it!

Q: What type of cutting board do you use? How do you prevent it from getting beat up?

A: Excellent question! I use a bamboo cutting board unless I am cutting garlic, beets, turmeric, onion, or hot peppers then I use a plastic board. When I first purchased my bamboo board I wiped it down with cold-pressed olive oil to help seal it. This has really helped me out because it makes it easier to clean, the wood looks great and because I cut things that stain or the flavor seeps easily on a different board I do not have problems with odd tastes on my goodies.

Q: How can I prevent fruit flies? How can I get rid of fruit flies?

A: There are numerous reasons why we end up getting fruit flies in our homes. Sometimes containers left around the house attracts them, dirty containers, rotting trash/food, and covering your fruit with a plate over your fruit bowl may be helpful.

Some ways to get rid of fruit flies may sound crazy but believe me they work 😀

  • Try keeping a fan blowing in the direction of your fruit, fruit flies can not land this way.
  • Make a little trap 🙂 Put apple cider vinegar in a little dish or container, seal it tight with plastic wrap and punch little holes with a fork or tooth pick. This works super duper well!
  • This approach is semi annoying, may be because I personally am not a fan of having incense going near my food but yes lighting an incense works.
  • Lemongrass oil and lavender oil work well 🙂

You may also want to pour boiling hot water down your drain and a few drops of either of the above essential oils. Make sure your trash bins have been hosed down recently, kitchen counters and stoves are clean and that on and around your fridge has been cleaned. Sometimes we drip food, juices, sauces and so on and do not realize it! These little things attract little things like fruit flies 😉

I hope this helps anyone out and helps us all be better prepared for a yummy summer. Thank you all for taking the time to stop by my site. Much love ❤ and raw power 😉


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