The Beauty Of Animals <3

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June 4, 2013 by Living Girl Living Foods

There is an innocence about animals that allures human beings. I know I personally see that their sense of love is different from how humans do things to show their love.

There are animal sanctuaries where completely different animals are put together and act like a mother with its baby. Of course some animals eat one another, but let’s focus now 😉 Humans can do that with cats, dogs, some mice and rats, ferrets, turtles, hamsters, birds, and so on. But we do not see pigs, cows, lambs, deer, turkeys and chickens for example in this same light.

Our pets are our best friends, companions, even when we do not feel like being with a single living creature we want to be with our pet. Pets are given human names, toys, beds, food, water, shelter, love, cuddle, holiday gifts, are described as having personalities of their own and they are the sunshine we need in our life when all else just doesn’t do it.

I can’t say every living creature would be a safe or excellent pet! But what I am saying is, the animals most human beings consume actually would make a wonderful pet, companion, friend, something that makes you crack a smile and you are grateful for their friendship. Cows have personalities. Pigs have the cutest tails. Being able to wake up in the morning and feed chickens would be a beautiful sight. Caring for sheep would be peaceful, comforting and rewarding.

There is beauty in every single living creature, we may take advantage of that the fact that so much beauty surrounds us all the time. It blinds us, we just think well pigs are dirty, chickens are boring, cows are too big….blah blah blah.

These creatures have no perspective of being overweight, too curvy, too athletic, ugly, big nosed, how can I make more money, I want that car, my feet are weird, and every other thing we all are overly critical about in humans.

Their innocence and connection with this planet is what attracts us I believe. This idea that they are truly doing what they need to just be happy, live, survive, breed and repeat. That their ego hasn’t tampered with their view of life. Some see this as well we are more intelligent then them of course we think this way. But I personally am curious if we are TRULY all that intelligent if we cause ourselves, other living creatures and this universe harm.

I have been sharing my views on animal products and compassion lately. I am not sure how I stumbled on this event this morning, but I found out about the Walk for Animals happening in my state of Rhode Island. I’ve been speaking so much about this topic lately that in a way I wasn’t too surprised that this came my way!

There are walks occurring all over from September to October, please see if there is anything happening in your state ❤ Let’s thank these animals for showing so much compassion to one another and the world. All living beings are here to be free, loved, enjoy life and be silly 😉

If you would like to support me personally, here is my profile. May be you are curious as to why there is a walk for this, Walk for Animals has information that is short and cute with a section on explaining why people are walking for animals.

 The money raised will go to Farm Sanctuary’s rescue, sanctuary, legislative advocacy, and education efforts. In the U.S we have extremely little regulations on how animals are created. The amount of cruelty, poor living conditions, disgusting mystery food, vaccines up the ying yang and how the animals are transported would probably make the average American cry if they considered their pet in these conditions.

These animals do not speak the same language as us per-say  but they feel pain, misery, sickness, joy, have their own way of laughing and smiling. Please let’s give them a voice through our actions and voices.

Thank you all for taking the time to stop by my site. Much love ❤ and raw power 😉


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