Strawberry Orange Dressing <3 What I Eat During the Summer. Recipe Poll!


May 31, 2013 by Living Girl Living Foods

It is truly feeling like summer now where I live. So I’ve been mostly eating fruits like strawberries, grapefruits, and oranges. During the summertime my hunger goes down and the type of food I crave is a little bit different compared to other seasons. Chocolate does not appeal to me much during the summer, rich flavors just make me feel more sweaty hahaha.

Here is a really light, fun and simple dressing I made last night for my dinner. This recipe is similar to the Raspberry Lime Dressing post I shared a month ago or so.

Strawberry Orange Dressing


5 strawberries cut into quarters

1/2 orange (navel oranges typically provide the best tasting juice) juiced

1/2 lemon juiced

Blend in your blender and enjoy!

I cut used the rest of the orange and may be 3 strawberries in my mix of greens. In the photo I used arugula, red leaf lettuce, baby lettuce and spinach.

I enjoy making these fruity dressings because it is easy to add a teaspoon of your preferred oil and a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar if you want more of that vinegar dressing instead. It’s a simple recipe but the flavors are exciting, sweet, and oh so summer-like.

I wish I had more recipes to share but I haven’t been making enough money this month to eat meals that deal with assembling. So a grapefruit might be my lunch and mango for dinner. I have been following a living plant based lifestyle for some time now too. I do not crave transitional gourmet foods unless I am traveling and am geeking to try out a restaurant. I’ve also noticed that I have gradually been eating less, which is rather normal in the raw food world.

I do teach classes, hold instructional meal dinner parties, food to go and so forth! Preparing transitional, gourmet foods, and meals that would be too heavy for me personally are still prepared in my kitchen. I have absolutely zero issues creating the food for others because I know they need it. I personally have different needs for my body and appreciate that I can be of some service to others ❤

I am making a career with living plant based foods, so I apologize if anyone miss understood and thought this was some sort of hobby. But I did graduate from a culinary school and have years of experimenting in the kitchen. I never would have expected myself to be a teacher yet somehow this is where life has put me and I am in love.

I’ve been asking to share more recipes that aren’t just juices, here is a poll of some of the requests I have had. Please “vote” for what you would like me to post/share a recipe about next! You can choose up to two recipe shares 🙂

Thank you all for taking the time to stop by my site! This post was rather short and sweet but I am worried that my posts have been a bit too long lately :-X! I need to mix things up with a video ASAP. Wishing you all an excellent weekend. Much love ❤ and raw power 😉


One thought on “Strawberry Orange Dressing <3 What I Eat During the Summer. Recipe Poll!

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