Compassion, Ego & Monsanto.


May 29, 2013 by Living Girl Living Foods

When sharing information on animal cruelty, how certain dairy products, processed foods and so on are made I hope I never come off as being aggressive. For me personally, when someone shares information with me in an aggressive manner the information does not resonate with me. Even though hateful, cruel and heart breaking information is being given to me as truthful as it is when it comes from an aggressive hateful place it doesn’t click.

I have lost readers it appears from having a bit of a non-aggressive and educational stance.

I do not find it educational to scare people into doing something, to put fear for the sake of taming another person. It reminds me of the abuse many beautiful living creatures go through because of humans.

As a chef, instructor and educator I enjoy having compassion for others. Sharing their joy if one has managed to cut out processed sugars, table salt, soda, or if they were once fast food junkies. These changes are a reason to celebrate! Baby steps that make us feel comfortable and good about ourselves.

This idea of giving true information, but in a fearful aggressive manner is not what I am about. I would like to celebrate every aspect of growth in myself, readers, and society. Living Girl Living Foods is a community space, there should be no reason why a reader should feel uncomfortable or bad about themselves.

Typically the cruelty animals face does great a domino affect of problems. Please consider how your food is made, do you just have to have it because of your ego or need for ownership and control? Are we creating harm to other living creatures, this beautiful planet, and the energy around us?

I shared this idea today on LGLF’s Facebook page today when I spoke about the massive dilemma we as a planet are having with the acidic waste from whey products.

Products such as Greek Yogurt are a great example of how and why so much of this waste is created. It is estimated in reports from last year that the Northeast alone produced 150 million gallons of acid whey, which experts are not sure what to do with!

According to, only one ounce of Greek yogurt is produced from every three to four ounces of milk—the rest becomes a waste byproduct known as acid whey. As Greek yogurt experiences a heightened popularity (very “diet” friendly right now), producers are left with an abundance of acid whey that they haven’t found a use for. It is against the law to dump the waste due to its toxicity; it has proven to be extremely detrimental to marine ecosystems, causing a “dead sea” effect. Much of the whey goes into livestock feed, and some experts are trying to incorporate into baby food or turn it into bodybuilding supplements.

Are there other ways of receiving the nutrients from Greek yogurt that aren’t harmful? Absolutely, in fruits and vegetables!

We have been feed this concept for years that grain, dairy, meat, eggs and other products are “essential” for our health. This is only based on the fact that big companies want to make big money. Our health, environment concerns, the impact of the future of children and other living creatures is not on anyone’s agenda except for our own.

Almost every big company like this has a buy out with the government, if too much milk or cheese is produced the government has to buy it. Meaning, all the tax payers out there (myself included) have no choice but to support this.

I want to just quickly discuss Monsanto and GMO’s, I’ve already shared information about this in the past so I don’t want to over do it. There has recently been Marches Against Monsanto all over the world. For anyone who is unclear about the health concerns and history of Monsanto I am going to try to do my very best to wrap it up in one paragraph!

Monsanto has been around for probably a century or more but has just recently been under the spot light. This is the same company that has created nuclear weapons, said it was OKAY to use DDT, agent orange, PCB’s, Bovine Growth Hormone and artificial sweeteners in food. Artificial sweeteners are still floating around and thankfully more people have become aware of the side effects of these pesky sugars. The FDA does not require one single safety study, it is all about profit. Thus buying products that are owned by Monsanto is supporting Monsanto. It is supporting the idea that we do not care about the health effects of these products on humans, living creatures, the environment or so on. It means that humans have become fast, cheap and easy. GMO’s have been linked to GI problems, organ damage, infertility, and immune system failure. Michael Taylor who works for Monsanto is also one of the power pants people of the governments Food Safety Department.

The top 10 most commonly genetically modified foods are;

Corn, Soy, Cottonseed, Papaya, Rice, Canola Oil, Potatoes, Tomatoes, Dairy Products and Peas.

Numerous processed food companies are owned and or supported by Monsanto meaning yes the have GMO’s. A few companies are;

Power Bar Brand, General Mills, Jiffy, Lipton, V-8, Cadbury, Ocean Spray, Lean Cuisine, Heinz, Nabisco, Nature Valley (sold in many all natural and organic shops), Hellmans, Healthy Choice, Pepsi, Coca Cola, Pop Secret, Smart Ones, Pepperidge Farms, Quaker, Post Cereals, Aunt Jemima, Kashi, Godiva, Dole, Hershey’s, Bumble Bee, Kellogg’s, Smuckers, Hormel Foods, Morton Salt, Nestle, McCormick, Bayer, Johnson & Johnson, Sun-Maid, Tree Top, McDonald’s, Silk, Naked, Izze, Similac and Ben & Jerry’s.

The list keeps going, it’s not just in food but beauty products, baby formula, condiments and spices.

I wish us all, myself included, a more compassionate lifestyle. Where we care for the health of strangers, living creatures we haven’t even heard of, future generations of living creatures, this beautiful planet and for the energy around us to also be more peaceful & free.

Almost all of these problems with our food, health products, supplements and so on is because of our egos. The need to own, be more, be bigger, better, stronger, produce more, get loads of money and then some.

When in the end no one wins because nothing will be left. We are destroying each other for the sake of a game, a “profit.”

Thank you all truly for taking the time to stop by my site. Much love ❤ and raw power 😉


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