Simply Delicious Living Plant Based Juices & Soup <3


May 22, 2013 by Living Girl Living Foods

Once in a while a reader or friend will share an image of a juice with me or a recipe. It always hurts a little if they say, “but it’s so simple not like your great juice/soup/salad.”

Simple is one of the hardest things in life in general to be comfortable with, to enjoy. Yet it can be the most beneficial thing! Keeping recipes on the simple side gives us a chance to “wow” people by just how simple it is. Sometimes it can ever be easier to digest, more affordable, quicker to prepare and healthier.

I have a few recipes that I would like to share that are simple, just a few ingredients and nothing too wild. They look, taste, and feel yummy, delicious, radiant and I would truly make them again.

Simple Beet Lemonade


1 small beet (peeled)

1 lemon, rind removed

1/2 cup spring water

Juice & enjoy!

This drink is sweet, tart and stunning. In the past I have shared a Beetiful Lemonade Recipe using the above ingredients plus pomegranate and ginger 🙂

Basic Green Juice


2 kale leaves (add two more pieces of kale if you would prefer this to not be so lemonade like)

1 lemon, rind removed

1/2-inch or more of ginger (peeled)

4 celery stalks

A little water if you would like to create more juice

Juice & Enjoy <3!


This juice is alkalizing, beautiful, energy packed and aids in digestion & cleansing.

Strawberry Fields Soup

This can also be modified to make a smoothie by using frozen strawberries instead of fresh strawberries! It can also be used as a dressing if fresh strawberries are used with a little apple cider vinegar or your preferred oil if it’s not fancy enough 😉


1 cup fresh strawberries, cut in quarters, if you are using organic keep the greens on they are totally edible

1 cup alfalfa sprouts or your preferred sprouts

1 tablespoon parsley

2 tablespoons fresh lemon juice


Blend and enjoy as a dressing, soup or smoothie!


This actually has more of a pink color in person, it was a fairly dark day out today so it’s hard to see in this photo sadly. This is wonderful as a snack, small lunch, dressing and smoothie. The flavors have a great juggling balance of sweet, bitter and pungent.

Just a little reminder, the Cuppow giveaway is coming close to an end so please enter now before it’s over! I hope this post gives you all some ideas on concoctions of your own. Thank you truly for taking the time to stop by my site and read all my jibber jabber. Much love ❤ and raw power 😉


2 thoughts on “Simply Delicious Living Plant Based Juices & Soup <3

  1. stephanieliselamoureux says:

    I think one of my biggest challenges, when it comes to healthy-eating, is the time and easy factor! Do I have time to make this? Will it be easy to follow this recipe? My lazy mode kicks in and sometimes I wish I had more energy to wake up early to make better meals for myself and my fiancée. I get motivated one day and totally spaze out the next. My goal this year was to learn more about healthy eating, including more raw foods and to figure out how to eat better (on a budget). Your “beet lemonade” looked awesome! I hate eating beets (raw) so this is a good alternative for me to get its nutrients for cardiovascular health! Great post on a selection of ideas, keep them coming!

    • Thank you dearly Stephanie for all your wonderful ponderings, feed back and so on <3! Beets cooked, raw, and juiced all taste so different I'm sure with playing around with them in your kitchen you will find a balance that will please your taste buds. Best wishes x

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