Finished Fruity Pops <3


May 21, 2013 by Living Girl Living Foods

Well I somehow managed to not eat all over my fruit pops over the weekend! I am very proud of myself 😉

Today I finished the last one and I want to share which flavors I noticed worked best, why they worked and why I think the flavors that didn’t taste that wonderful didn’t work out.

My absolute favorite was the Grapefruit Orange Juice Fruit Pop. This one had the most flavor, there was hardly any white ice looking sections and the appearance was calming for me personally.


I think these citrus fruits complimented each other well, neither one took over in flavor and they both happen to be high water content fruits.

A different high water content fruit that wasn’t as bold in flavor or appearance was my watermelon pop which I showed in my previous fruit pops post. I think because watermelons have such a higher water content and do not have a strong taste like acidic/citrus fruits the watermelon pop should be made using a blender and not a juicer.

My Rooibos Cranberry Ginger Pop tasted a little tart at first, then the rooibos flavor took over. I think next time I would do this pop with strawberries instead of cranberries, but I was working with what I had around. The tea based pops were a little tricky to assume how powerful they would taste. The Rooibos had more of a licorice taste than I had predicted it would have. But I still enjoyed it! I think the color is absolutely stunning 😀


My Green Tea Matcha Lemon Mint Pop was far too bitter! I would add a sweetener to this like dates, coconut nectar or fruit. For those who love bananas, banana would probably be excellent in this.


The Simply Orange Juice Pop was super yummy, simple, and since I had to squeeze the slice into the mold it ended up staying in place beautifully. I liked the taste of this one a lot but for some odd reason the very tippity top of the pop just tasted like water. This could be because the oranges I used were a bit dry, I haven’t been having the best of luck getting super juicy oranges and grapefruits lately 😦 I am pretty sure they are in season right now too so it seems odd.


The Grapefruit Juice Pop With Grapefruit Triangles was also amazing.  Like the orange pop it did have a water top to it, but the rest of the fruit pop was wonderful. I enjoyed the abundance of slices, they are really tasty to suck on just for a change of pace and texture.


Out of all of the pops, the Green Tea one and this lemon juice with citrus slices and lemon balm were my least favorites. This Lemon Juice Pop ended up not tasting like it had much lemon in it at all. It felt a little chaotic to bite into yet it’s funny because to me it probably looks the prettiest out of all of the fruit pops I made this time around.

I hope recording my adventure helps anyone out who wants to make their own truly juicy fruity pops at home! I have more flavors I am working on and plan on sharing them in a week or so. I would love to hear from anyone on a flavor they are interested in! I didn’t grow up having Popsicles around so I have been just noticing flavors in grocery stores in what not. I like the flavors I use in my pops more but I can totally give something more traditional a go too!

Sorry for keeping this post short, there is a storm making its way through and I want to shut down my computer 🙂

Wishing you all an excellent week. Thank you dearly for taking the time to stop by my site. Much love ❤ and raw power 😉


One thought on “Finished Fruity Pops <3

  1. stephanieliselamoureux says:

    Cranberries always overpower the flavour; I found that to be true when I make smoothies. I try not to put too much, or else it will just tartan the other flavours. Nice idea for popsicles!

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