One thought on “Q & A Post <3

  1. stephanieliselamoureux says:

    I believe the concepts and nutritional values of Vegetarians/Vegans/ compassionate living plant-based foods lifestyle individuals etc. etc. all have a lesson for us as human beings to live and be healthier. I believe in choice and education, and not radical propaganda (on both sides). I wish I had it in me to be at the very least a Vegetarian, but my love for foods is overpowering. BUT, I am a lot more conscious about organic foods and getting meats from farmers, which is a more considerate life choice. Great Q & A, you are a very interesting person and I give you kudos for your food regiment. Right now I’m very into the energies of foods and how to best prepare and cook them. I’m reading “Eating for Beauty” by David Wolfe which is a fascinating book, he has pictures of vegetables and their field energies.

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