Watermelon Juice Day 6 <3

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April 30, 2013 by Living Girl Living Foods

Well I literally found myself doing a watermelon juice cleanse/feast. I hadn’t really planned it out or thought about it. It came so naturally to me that I’ve been sticking with it!

It feels like everything is falling into place without physically forcing it. Sometimes we try so hard to find out path or purpose that we end up passing right by it. May be we do not even enjoy the present moment when this moment has everything we need to prosper.

I personally have the tendency to try to plan things out too much which usually ends up crashing & burning in the end.

I started on Thursday with the Lunar Eclipse, a great day to cleanse and just do liquids.

By day 4 I noticed I was going to bed earlier. I’ve been known for being in bed early in the first place, but I was constantly going to sleep around 9:30 pm. I would read until my eyes could not deal with the weight any longer.

My sleep has been excellent! I wake up feeling fresh, ready to go and   have even noticed that some old leg and foot pain seems to have left. I can’t say for sure if this is correlated or not but it was too large of an observation not to mention.

I can still do my regular yoga practice and run, my body just can’t seem to handle doing any work out regiment at night. Probably because this juice feast has been super cleansing for me thus healing : ) Rest is healing too ya know

Sometimes I juice the watermelon rind and all, and other times I do not. I like keeping the rind on for my afternoon juice to calm down the sweetness of the watermelon. But in the morning or early afternoon the bright loving pink of the watermelon without the rind is so attractive. It’s comforting to have this option and be able to control the sweetness.

I have a few photos that I would like to share of my watermelon days or daze 😉

When I cut the bottom of my watermelon this was what I saw!

I transfer my juice into my Blendtec blender pitcher because it can fit the most liquids out of anything I have around in the kitchen plus it’s easy to clean 😀

This last photograph is watermelon juiced with the rind on, just so you can see what I mean about the color difference.

I personally would not recommend anyone brand spanking new to living plant-based foods to go straight onto a watermelon juice cleanse. I think it would be an easier transition to eat more living plant-based foods, then may be a while later go on a juice cleanse and once that feels comfortable a watermelon juice cleanse.

With watermelon juice for about 20-30 minutes I felt super duper full. Then I urinated, still felt full but not the same heavy full feeling hahaha.

Depending on the person’s hunger and needs will depend on how much juice will need to be consumed.

For me personally day 1 was where I had the most bowel movements and they still happen just not as large or frequently as I am use to.

I have mentioned in several previous posts the health benefits of watermelons as well as the rind.

I personally would not recommend doing a watermelon juice cleanse for longer than two weeks or so because watermelons are high in omega-6. Consuming too much Omega-6 can actually promote inflammation, cardiovascular issues, and autoimmune diseases.

One of my favorite sites, Natural News posted another interested article on Watermelons, finding a balance on how much to consume of these delicious melons seems to be the trick. Watermelons can do good or bad for the heart.

I am guessing tomorrow is my last day of doing just watermelon juice because I can’t really afford to be only juicing these right now! They aren’t even in season yet :-X!

I hope this was helpful for anyone who was curious about how watermelon juice cleanses go, when/why do one and any health information. Wishing you all an excellent day. Much love ❤ and raw power 😉


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