Skin Cleansing Cucumber Shot & Cleansing Parsley Cantaloupe Juice <3 Why Are Cucumbers and Cantaloupes Cleansing?


March 31, 2013 by Living Girl Living Foods

Skin Cleansing Cucumber Shot


1/2 cucumber

1/2 lime, with rind if organic

*Additional idea that I personally did not do but would taste delicious is adding some Matcha Green Powder or Green Tea. The health benefits of Green Tea are boosted with lemons & limes 😀


I like drinking this right in the morning before having any other juices. The rinds from lemons and limes tend to help scrub the insides of my body, making drinks extra cleansing or detoxing.

I consider this a great skin cleanser because cucumbers have the tendency to hydrate and heal. By hydrating your skin wrinkles, lines and dark circles may be less visible with time. As well as continual consumption and not consuming too many foods that take water away from your body such as caffeine. Vitamins C, K and manganese are all found in cucumbers which all help promote skin health.

Limes and lemons aid in keeping this squeaky clean, they are also high in Vitamin C and promoting healthy skin.

I have been told this shot actually tastes like an alcohol shot, specifically gin or tequila. The lime rind adds a bitterness that reminds some of alcohol.

Cleansing Parsley Cantaloupe Juice


1 cup cantaloupe

6 springs of fresh parsley

1/2 lime, rind removed

1/2-inch ginger peeled, more or less according to your personal preference


I have a previous post on the health benefits and cleansing properties of parsley if that interests you. But right now I would like to talk about cantaloupes :D!

Overall Benefits of Cantaloupe

Cantaloupe is 95% water, and all that sugary sweetness comes from the other 5% of the fruit. Cantaloupes are a low in calories, the calories it does have is from it’s natural sugar, and has very little fat (1% per cup).

One-fourth of a medium sized cantaloupe provides 80% of the recommended daily allowance for both vitamins A and C. Cantaloupes also contain; omega-3’s, iron, calcium, fiber, vitamin b, protein, potassium (heart/blood health) and adenosine, also helpful with heart disease.

Since this fruit is so high in water and vitamin C, like cucumbers, it is wonderful for the skin and cleansing.

Cantaloupes For Cleansing

Cantaloupes and melons are some of the most alkaline fruits in the fruits. This makes them armed and ready for cleansing the blood and detoxifying the body.

As a blood cleanser and blood thinner, cantaloupes can prevent platelet aggregation and help keep blood from clotting.  Thus, cantaloupes make an excellent component of a healthy lifestyle geared toward preventing stroke, treating phlebitis and heart arrhythmia.

In addition to purifying the blood, cantaloupes also help clear out any sludge in the lymph system.

Fresh squeezed cantaloupe juice is great for flushing toxins from the liver (assists in relieving liver stress also), spleen, intestines, sinuses. This works best on an empty stomach, right in the morning and waiting several hours before having another juice. Melons will increase your urination and can really work their magic best on on empty stomach. Some can feel discomfort if they mix melons with heavier foods and become gassy or bloated. Melons and many high water content fruits can be digested rather quickly, but if another item is in your gut slowing it down fermentation can begin. This is how discomfort and so on is created.

In 2012, cantaloupe was listed as a “Clean 15” food that was lowest in pesticide residues among the fruits and vegetables studied. So if you can not afford certified organic melons but may be all natural or local melons that’s a good option.

If you have been following my posts for a while now, you may be noticing a trend in what vitamins, vegetables, fruits and herbs are cleansing. Overall, high water content, Vitamin C and alkalinity are major factors. I hope this post gives you all some ideas on your own concoctions to make at home. Thank you all for taking the time to stop by my site. Much love ❤ and raw power 😉




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