Juicing Apples: Too Much Of Anything Is Not Ideal, Apple Seeds, Fruit Allergies & Health Benefits of Apples. Apple Ginger Mint Lemonade Recipe.

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March 27, 2013 by Living Girl Living Foods


Green Juice is becoming another one of those buzz words going around right now. This is super awesome, there is lots of growth and awareness going on.

My only BUT is, I personally get worried about the amount of apples people juice.

At first, this may help beginners transition their taste buds so plant based foods and juices are more tasty and appealing. It may also be okay calorie wise because processed foods, meat, dairy and so on has so many calorie and gunk that apples can help flush out and make the decrease in calories not as extreme.

The facts about apples can get very confusing. It can be helpful in promoting weight loss, but in a small quantity. It can provide good sugar, but too much can be overkill. Apples are low in calories, but it depends on how many apples you are eating and what else you are eating too.

Going from a Standard American Diet to a juice cleanse can feel extreme. So many toxins and build up in your body is suddenly been released.

Apples are fairly high in sugar, they can be helpful with bowel movements but it doesn’t take too much for it to cause your stool to be loose thus your body is not probably absorbing the vital nutrients.

Our bodies turn to carbohydrates first for fuel, so consuming too many apples will keep the body from burning fat, which also means weight gain or a plateau of weight loss. A medium apple contains 25 carbohydrates, 5 of which are grams of fiber. So eating more than two apples a day would tip the carbohydrate count over the limit for weight loss.

An average medium apple has between 90 and 95 calories. Depending on what other juices you make during the day or what lifestyle choices you make these calories could be ideal or too much.

I personally try not to add more than 2 apples to a juice. Usually that will be my only “fruity” juice of the day too. In the beginning of my journey I was consuming may be double the amount of apples. But now I am finding simple greens to be much more beneficial for detoxing and keeping my body feeling and moving well.

This is also an acidic fruit, so if you are working on balancing your pH balance cutting down your highly acidic fruits will be helpful.

I had someone ask me about juicing apples with the seeds and all. 

I want to thank them now for asking this valuable question. Apple seeds are highly toxic and contain cyanide, but they would need to be consumed in very large quantities. I personally do not core my apples when I juice them. With my Omega Juicer I can see in the pulp that the seeds are still completely intake. Depending on the style of your juicer, this may not be the case for example with my Jack LaLanne Juicer I could not leave the seeds in because they would get added into my juice.

There are not a huge amount of people allergic to fruits but it always breaks my heart to meet someone who is. Fruit is the original fast food for me. I can usually find a fruit stand or grocery store with organic fruit when I am on the go.

Apples may cause an allergic reaction in people who are sensitive to the Rosaceae family. Fruits from the Rosaceae family include; apricot, almond, plum, peach, pear, and strawberry. 

On the positive side apples are loaded with fiber, excellent for flushing/bowel movements, vitamin C, promote heart health, high in quercetin (boosts endurance by making oxygen more available to the lungs), and those who eat apples may be less likely to suffer from metabolic syndrome, a cluster of symptoms linked to an increased risk of heart disease and diabetes.

Too much of anything can be a bad thing, but completely cutting something out can also be just as bad.

They are also a healthy crunchy juicy sweet snack that is great on the go or if there isn’t just enough time to prepare something! On my FaceBook Page today I shared an image I found online of an apple guide. The different types, tartness, sweetness, good for baking or not and etc.

I hope this spreads some lights on apples, they should be consumed for sure but not at high amounts like 8 or 10 apples a day.

I like having my apple drinks in the morning on an empty stomach, it really gets things cleaned up 😉 Here is an apple based concoction I made today after a mega work out.

Apple Ginger Mint Lemonade


2 Green Apples

4 Celery Sticks

1 lemon, with rind if organic

8 mint leaves or more if you like it extra minty

1/2-inch or less ginger, peeled


Juice & Enjoy <3!

This juice is cleansing, hydrating,and sweet 😀

Thank you all for taking the time to stop by my website! I hope you all are having an excellent week with lots of juicy juices and yummy adventures. Much love ❤ and raw power 😉


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