Cranberry Raspberry Lemonade Recipe <3 Tips on Storing Raspberries, Health Benefits & Recipe Ideas.


March 20, 2013 by Living Girl Living Foods

I’m a sucker for lemonade. I don’t know if it’s a Rhode Island thing, but I could always go for some delicious homemade lemonade.

Lemonade does an amazing job of cleaning the body and it doesn’t hurt that they taste delicious with fruits.

My mom told me that when she was pregnant with me she would eat lemons like an orange.

If lemons just don’t seem to do anything for you taste wise, try adding some in a juice, squeeze lemon over salads, fruits, use it in marinades or even use it to wash your body and or hair. It’s a wonderful for cleaning, removing odor, and sanitizes.

I personally love adding lemon juice into my hair with some coconut oil to remove all the chemicals and junk that ends up getting in my hair throughout the day. Just like drinking hot water with lemon, lemon juice shampoo has a wham bam thank you mam’ awakening sensation.

Cranberry Raspberry Lemonade Recipe


1 cup raspberries

2 cups cranberries

1/2 lemon, with rind if organic

I personally added the water through my juicer to get every bit of the fruits through but you can just add the water in after juicing if that sounds crazy 🙂

1 cup of water or more according to your preference

If this isn’t sweet enough for you or it tastes like you need something else…try ginger, coconut water and or lime. I was actually hoping to use cherries for this recipe but it’s just not cherry season :-/ I need some patience haha.

I want to share just a few raspberry storage ideas and some health benefits. When you first buy any berries, greens, spring mixes or so on open the package and immediately remove any moldy or on the brink of going bad pieces. This way that bacteria that is on them will not spread to other pieces in the package.

When buying berries in general, try to have a plan on when you will be using them. These yummy fruits happen to be extremely delicate and go bad rather quickly. If you notice that you can not use them quickly enough or have some unexpected traveling to do, freeze your berries 🙂

Raspberry season is from June until October but can almost always be found in grocery stores. When picking or buying berries select ones that are shiny, deep red with attached green caps at the top end, firm, plump, free of sand and mold. Avoid those that appear dull, sunken or flattened and with mold, bruise or discolored patches.

One of my favorite ways to store berries it to put them in a bowl, spread them out as much as possible, put a paper towel or tea cloth over them, and seal the bowl with plastic wrap or a sealing cap. When choosing a top or plastic wrapping your container please be careful to not press down on the berries causing them to explode. I personally do not recommend washing them until they are ready to be consumed or they will be eaten the same day they were washed.

Raspberries are high in; fiber, vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin K, B-Complex vitamins, vitamin E, potassium, manganese, copper, iron and magnesium. It is also rich in phenolic flavonoid phytochemicals that are beneficial towards preventing inflammation, and neuro-degenerative diseases.

Berries make delicious jams, dressings, marinades, add a great sweetness to banana ice cream, yogurt, milk, cookies, porridge, or when used frozen they make a great smoothie or ice cream 😀

Keeping a small container of washed berries around while having a hectic day can save us from grabbing processed foods or going for a latte for an energy boost. The sweetness and sugar in these can be helpful for energy and taking care of any sweet tooth problems 😉

Happy Spring Equinox! Hope you all are having an excellent week. Thank you for taking the time to stop by my site. Much love ❤ and raw power 😉


3 thoughts on “Cranberry Raspberry Lemonade Recipe <3 Tips on Storing Raspberries, Health Benefits & Recipe Ideas.

  1. Claudia says:

    What kind of juicer do you use and which ones would you suggest? Love your blog!

    • Hi Claudia, thank you so much for reading my posts! I currently own an Omega 8005, at the time Amazon had a one day only sale on the Juicer. So it only cost be around $100 and I got free shipping! Before that Juicer I owned a Jack LaLanne, I got it on sale at Macy’s plus signed up for one of the cards for a discount, in the end I spent $70 on that Juicer. Brevilles make amazing juicers, but use noticed the pulp can get strained to utilize more of the produce/juice. If you follow Omega and Breville online every so often these companies give a Juicer away for free. I absolutely love my Juicer! But I recommend people to buy what they can, it’s better to have a Juicer that does the job well and actually use it compared to spending too much for your current budget and possibly not get that interested into juicing. Later on you can always sell your machine and upgrade, that’s what I did at least! Best of luck Claudia & happy juicing ❤

  2. […] to store your goodies inspect the leaves, stems, crown, if it is wet, the rind, and etc. Pull moldy berries out, check that your citrus fruits aren’t wet and so on. This way you are protecting the rest […]

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