Fears of Being An Educator.


March 12, 2013 by Living Girl Living Foods

Instructors, educators, teachers any of these titles you may hold on someone who you follow, or learn from may seem to have some sort of “higher” placement in your mind. They teach, instruct, get questions markings popping up in your head, answer questions or push you in some way.

The thing is I honestly believe all of us, if we feel that this is something important in our life, we can all be an instructor, educator, lecturer or so on.

What I personally think makes it so some people do this and others do not is, it needs to be important to you. It should be something that organically comes out.

I know for me personally I am extremely shy, I mess up pronouncing things when I am nervous and in a way this assists in drawing people who can relate to this. I am not some almighty teacher person, I am a human being with problems, concerns and fears too.

Instructors give an outline or a rough idea, that does not mean they are a “better” person or anything along those lines.

Educators, helpers whatever you like to call it also have moments where the ego takes over. It is arguable that this is even more likely.

If you feel strongly about wanting to start your own project, YouTube Channel, website, business the best advice I can give is to do it. Try not to dwell on it too much before fear takes over and thus nothing is created at all.

The only failure is when you tell yourself you are a failure before anything is even created. Shooting yourself down before you even have the chance to get up.

Keep pushing yourself, doing things that scare you because may be you have this silly thought that you aren’t good enough. For me personally this happens a lot when I start comparing myself to others. But the thing is, there needs to be loads of people creating out there. Not everyone hears or sees things the same way. This universe is so large, we need all the people we can get who love helping, caring, and doing.

We have all “failed” at something in the past, but that’s why we keep going. We learned a lesson, and we go back with even more knowledge and experience than before.

If someone in your life is putting you down possibly telling you that you can’t do this, ignore it. There is some fear, something they personally are dealing with in their life that is being misplaced onto you.

Judging a person does not define who they are, it defines who you are. 

I personally like to push myself with doing things that make me scared or nervous. That’s how my YouTube Channel came about, which I frequently receive messages on how I pronounce things odd or incorrectly. It can be hard to read this messages without my face turning red or my heart feeling like it is sinking. But afterwards I realize it’s really not a big deal. This is who I am.

It’s better to see what is working and what is not working, this way I can learn, plan things out better and truck along.

Once you create one post, video, meeting, or event after that is feels so much easier. This weight of wondering what could happen, if you’ll have the answers to everyone’s questions and so on will be gone. After that it starts to feel comfortable, I know sometimes I even miss creating videos even though it still makes me nervous. This might sound completely bonkers but it’s true.

Some qualities that I personally believe aid in actively being a wonderful teacher are:

Hearing, listening, thinking, discussing, being a student, growing, ask questions, praise others, having fun, giving with no expectations, inspires, forgiveness, and loving their own oddities 😉

Part of being able to help others is realizing that you yourself are a student. We are all eager minds ready to expand, and one of the best ways to learn and help others is to except that at times even instructors are wrong.

I hope this helps quiet down some of those voices that might be shouting in anyone’s mind, preventing them from living their goals. Sorry this is a bit off topic from food! But many of the fears we hold with goals are the same fears we have with food. The excuses roughly have the same formula.

Much love ❤ and  raw power 😉



One thought on “Fears of Being An Educator.

  1. I really enjoyed this post Jess. Thank you for sharing. This is a quote I’ve been thinking about lately when I’m stuck on my thoughts of not being able to create or do anything.

    “Finished last” will always be better than “Did not finish”, which always trumps “Did not start.”

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