Seeded vs. Seedless Grapes. Health Benefits of Grape Seeds & Creative Ways To Use Them In Recipes <3


March 6, 2013 by Living Girl Living Foods


Seeded organic grapes, possibly the highlight of my week was finding these at the grocery store yesterday. I was so excited to see them there, however I noticed some other shoppers were not as pumped.

The seeds are “annoying” and people “have to spit the seeds out” causing it to be “time consuming.”

The seeds have loads of nutrients packed inside of them! Typically seedless grapes have been modified in some shape or form.

My favorite types of seeded grapes are concord, black and red grapes. I find these to be much sweeter than green grapes.

My experience with purchasing seeded grapes is that they preserve better and taste better than the seedless ones. This is another one of those moments where I believe my body is trying to speak to me or some sort of intuition is kicking in.

It is argued that seedless fruits are inferior because they are sterile. Without the seeds they have lost their reproductive capacity and are less alive. Or as I unintentionally said in the grocery store explaining to someone why I prefer the seeded grapes, seedless grapes are like the womb being removed. In the raw/living community most foodies view seedless grapes as not being truly raw.


Grapes have that oval, ovary reproductive shape, especially if you cut or bite into one you will see this better. I use this to help me remember that grapes contain the hormone and antioxidant melatonin as well as unique oligopeptides (small protein-like molecules) that have anti-bacterial and other properties.

There is an oil one can purchase at most all natural and organic shops called Grape Seed Extract. It has been proven to lower blood pressure and reduce the risk of heart disease. Proanthocyanidins are antioxidant compounds in grape seed extract, reportedly 50 times more effective than vitamin C for hampering free radicals. The supplement also contains flavonoids, vitamin E and linoleic acids.

So why not just consume the actual grape seeds instead? 

There have been amazing medical studies with grape seeds and women. Grape seeds contain oligomeric proanthrocyanadin complexes, which the University of Maryland Medical Center states are powerful antioxidants, in addition to other nutrients such as vitamin-E, flavonoids and linoleic acids. Flavonoids are believed to lower the risk of heart disease by lowering ones “bad” cholesterol levels, also called LDL.

Very few people are actually allergic to grape seeds, so if someone tells you they are allergic and you do not believe there is such an allergy, there is!

Grape seeds are typically tiny unless you are eating Concord grapes, but they are packed with highly concentrated nutrients. These seeds are loaded with Omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3 fats are healthy fats needed for heart and brain health. Grape seeds also contain high levels of vitamin A and E, which are very beneficial to the skin.

Grape seeds may have a lightly bitter taste to them. It is safe to eat them whole, but I recommend chewing on them or making the seeds into a powder. Like flax seeds, this makes it easier for the body to digest it and not dispose of it whole. Adding ground grape seeds to a smooth, soup, tea, cracker/bread mix, broth, or tonic is a wonderful way of getting them into your diet if chewing on them is currently too difficult. 

I hope this post helped a few people with ideas on how and why to consume grape seeds. I was feeling inspired after realizing how many people had a strong dislike for the seeds. Don’t be a bully, love your grape seeds 😉 There are loads of ways to have fun with it and even  sneak them into meals. Thank you all for stopping by my site and taking the time out of your day. I greatly appreciate it! Much love ❤ and raw power 😉



21 thoughts on “Seeded vs. Seedless Grapes. Health Benefits of Grape Seeds & Creative Ways To Use Them In Recipes <3

  1. Maggie says:

    Thanks for this article, it was right on for me. My daughter gave me a container of Globe grapes, because of the seeds. Ironically, I was considering going to a healthy food store to buy grape seed supplement, ater reading abouit the benefit of grade seed in an article. Instead, I accepted the grape seed, put this in my Nutri-Blast along with some other fruits, spinach, and a little fat free milk, and WOW, it was an awesome, healthy drink. I am am on a journey to do better with regards to eating, and healthy living. Hearing about that grape seeds fighters of free radicals and hypertension is good news for me. Thanks….

  2. Jessica says:

    I accidentally bought some seeded grapes from Costco and was super bummed about how time consuming eating each one was! But now that I’ve read this awesome article, I will just pop em in my mouth and chew up the whole thing! Thanks!

    • hank hudson says:

      Thanks for the information. I often thought about the benefits of eating the seeds, but only today followed through to check out some sites about this. So from now on it’s seeded grapes and a little extra chewing for more healthy benefits.
      Outside of the intent of this article, I’m passing on this info. My daughter is a nutritionist and periodically goes on detox diets for a couple of days, which is OK. But I started looking into my own detox procedure. I ride my bike daily in S.Fla. and after an hour I’m totally soaked from sweat –even my socks are wet and every other clothing. I realized that I detox my entire body every day — sometimes twice. I asked around and most of my friends never do much to sweat at any day. Most people don’t work up sweat anytime. So, my addition is that whatever your diet, it would be beneficial to detox your body regularly. I welcome any comments.

    • Satheesh Soman says:

      I haven’t seen a Seeded Grape so far…I prefer eating a potent fruit. We are what we eat and glad that this article spoke of it!

  3. bmary says:

    Thank you for writing this! I know it was from a while ago, but I just recently got a bag of seeded grapes and I was wondering if they were okay to use in my smoothies. It worked deliciously!

  4. ILDIKO says:

    I would love to know where someone can by grapes WITH seeds!
    I’m totally amazed that some people think that the seeds are not healthy to eat!!!
    Plastic food for plastic people!

  5. Thank you for writing this! I LOVE Concord grapes and wanted to make sure the seeds were safe to eat; I know certain seeds contain cyanide. I didn’t even know about grape seed extract.

  6. […] Seeded vs. Seedless Grapes . Health Benefits of Grape Seeds … – Seeded organic grapes, … My experience with purchasing seeded grapes is that they preserve better and taste better than the seedless ones. … Thanks for the information. I often thought about the benefits of eating the seeds, … […]

  7. Gillian Bolton says:

    Thank you so much for your post, I’ve always knew deep down that there is a reason why nature place seeds in grapes and you have given me the clarity I’ve been looking for. I will spread the message. Lots of Love and respect

    Gillian Bolton

  8. Scott says:

    I grow grapes with seeds in my yard in San Diego, for the same reasons you all have mentioned. They’ve got more ‘umpphhhh’.

  9. Ronaland Francois says:

    I live in fresno ca, where can i find grapes with seeds? As well as watermelons

  10. Karen Coleman says:

    Thank you for your article, it was very informative and after trying grapes with their seeds I will be happy to eat them from now on.

  11. Margit says:

    A Child said to me
    “hmmm shouldn’t be playing
    with the food chain”

    Seedless plants …Seedless society…

    I called my daughter in Austrailia who’s has a 2 year old … and told her not to feed the family seedless food.
    I told her having children in my day was FREE!
    Now it’s costing thousands …
    she said yeah that’s happening right now over here.

    We need strong people in this world

    By the way one of the remedies for infertility calls for stoning nettle seed extract. A coincidence?

  12. Margit says:

    Sorry meant stinging nettle seeds… my helpful phone editor ….

  13. Scott says:

    I only grape with seeds,.. and there are plenty of varieties to grow of course. Check the UCDavis inventory of which you can acquire cuttings of the varieties by mail order,… and also Rombough Vineyards they also do mail order for cuttings.
    Not all grapes with seeds are great for eating, but many are.
    To me, seedless grapes are just too unbalanced, not as healthy for body health as with seed grapes,… at least typically, in my sense-perception.

  14. Tiana Yoder says:

    I didn’t know all these benefits of eating the seeds. I always spit them out. But today I bit into a big red grape thinking it was seedless and found seeds. I started spitting them out but chewed one or two. Then I googled to see if it as okay to eat the seeds.
    Thank you I loved your article. I am now w chewing my way through the seeds. Not too bad actually. 😊

  15. EMAURYAA says:

    This is very good article on the medicinal value of Grapes ..I must add one thing that it also benefit to improve sex ability

  16. Scott says:

    From my eperience, some grape varieties have seens which are reasonably crunchable, however some varieties are not reasonably crunchable,… and is best either spit out (and maybe with the skin in some cases, not all of course, with slip skin varieties,… case by case, instance by instance, not all, just some varieties) or the seeds being lost in the modest chew-slurry which you swallow.
    Some varieties have enjoyably crunchable seeds which aren’t really hard, sort of enjoyably lite-crunchy.
    Grow your own grapes. Consider these varieties to grow:
    New York Muscat, Dattier St. Vallier, Semillon, Gold, Cayuga, Verdelet, Schuyler, Ansonica/Inzolia, Villard Blanc,… and many more.
    Again, check out the UC Davis grape inventory, order the cuttings, then grow the cuttings,… and grow grapes. Have some land to grow on.

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