“Nothing is better than simplicity” Walt Whitman. Compassion & Bruschetta Inspired Juice Recipe.

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March 5, 2013 by Living Girl Living Foods

It can be amazingly difficult to be simple, to have simple thoughts using facts and not the negative emotions we attach to things.

I’ve always thought of myself as a simple person. I eat simple, live simple, the material objects in my life are simple yet what happens in my life ehhh not so simple hahaha.

We all do not agree on what is simple. May be to one person grabbing processed food from a drive-thru is a simple meal. While to me a simple  meal is a juice or may be a bowl of grapes.

With all of our differences and attachments to things it can be easy for us to become detached to one another. The love we should have for the simple things; Earth, creatures, humans, what plants and foods grow around us is instead placed with material things. We love our cars, computers, phones, those shoes that make us our ideal height and so on.

What the heck has happened to us?

The best way to truly understand anything is through compassion. All of us are in different stages in our lives, we have experienced and have been different people. I know my past self from 10 years ago would completely loathe my current self. It’s best to not force any of your personal believes or lifestyle choices on others. Instead we need to understand that by being our most authentic self that’s when we can assist in nourishing the world and people around us.

I’m not sure exactly who this quote came from but I’ve heard it in many conversations before, “optimism is a form of courage.”

For me personally this can be extremely difficult to activity do this. But to be optimistic in this world, to keep lifting everything up and creating more positive energy, actions then this will eventually reflect on other people. Thus more people will have courage, optimism, and compassion.

There are many simple ways we can help one another, yet we won’t do it. For most people a sense of “I don’t owe them anything” or “What will I get in exchange?” pops up in their mind. We can keep coming up with fears, greed, loathe, and hateful thoughts towards others but all it does is burn us in the end.

I’m not asking for people to donate all their money, or take hours of their day that they physically can not give to others. But just some simple act of compassion and giving. Especially to someone who is a complete stranger. Take note of your thoughts before, during, and afterwards. See how the person reacts and how your day will unfold afterwards.

I believe this was once part of human nature, a natural instinct was for all creatures to help one another. That’s why we need certain animals to help grow plants, pollinate, why everything was planted here and we all became so attached to money and things instead. Let’s try our best to let go of these conditions that stop us from loving ourselves and others.

Here is a very simple Bruschetta Inspired Juice I made today before I went on a stroll to just meditate about these thoughts I just shared with you all.

Bruschetta Inspired Juice Recipe


3 tomatoes (I used Roma since that’s what I could afford and the color was amazing)

12 or more basil leaves, according to your taste buds

1 celery stick for a little salty flavor

1 lemon wedge, rind removed

1 lime wedge, rind removed

Optional, a tiny tiny bit of garlic

After the above is juiced add:

A pinch of black pepper

1 teaspoon of flax oil

Water if needed

For an extra cleansing boost and to help retain water for all those heated yogis try adding a pinch of salt ♥ Those star light looking specks are the flax oil 😉 super cool!

If you would like you can use your preferred oil, some other great options are chia seed oil or olive oil. You can add whatever herbs you prefer!

May be you would like to add onion? Scallion? Go for it :D!

If you like a cheesy Bruschetta consider adding a pinch or two of nutritional yeast.

I hope you all are doing excellent! Have a fantastic day, with loads of yummy treats and conversations. Thank you all for taking the time to stop by my website and read my ramblings. Much love ❤ and raw power 😉


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