Keeping It Juicy, Keeping It Simple <3

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March 1, 2013 by Living Girl Living Foods

Before I go off on my personal rambles, I’d love to share this video with you that someone I am grateful to have met during my stay in California created. This video presents some wonderful information in a fun, relaxed, music video! Sometimes it’s easier to connect with people or words when it is presented in another way.

I love the wisdom provided in Andrew’s words and appreciate all the love put into this video. I hope you all have the time to take a few minutes to watch 😀

Sometimes keeping life, food, thoughts everything simple can feel complicated. We have let our world and actions become so complicated is what I personally think is the root of all of this.

Simple to some seems extreme.

Here are a few simple juice recipes, because it’s amazing how simple can be difficult to master.

3 Greens Alkalizer Juice


6 Asparagus Spears

1 Cucumber

4-6 Celery Sticks

Juice & Enjoy! ❤

Photo: 3 Greens Alkalizer; Asparagus, Cucumber & Celery. As recommended by John Heinerman, the author of Heinerman's Encyclopedia of Healing Juices, I kept this asparagus  based juice unsweetened to receive optimum detoxing <3


As recommended by John Heinerman, the author of Heinerman’s Encyclopedia of Healing Juices, I kept this asparagus based juice unsweetened to receive optimum detoxing ♥ In my previous post I  go over how to pick asparagus, storage, seasons, health benefits and a quick video of me juicing it just to show how the juice and pulp looks. If you are interested you can take a peak at the post here.

Beet Clementine Ginger Juice


3 Clementines

1 Beet (I used a large one the size of two “regular” looking beets)

1 to 2-inches ginger, peeled or according to your preference

 Juice & Enjoy! ❤


Beets are extremely detoxing and naturally sweet. If raw beet consumption is newish to your body, please consider starting with a quarter to have a beet at first. For more information on beets please  check out several of the posts I have created.


Don’t know what to do with juice pulp? Replicate cooked meals, make crackers, crunchy salad toppers, crusts, fermented treats and so on! I’m making a batch of beet orange pulp with some spices and oils to make a beet hash 😉 I have a previous post with a beet ball recipe if that sounds yummy 😀

I hope these quick ideas and recipes are helpful when you are playing in your kitchen! Thank you for taking the time to stop by my site. Much love ❤ and raw power 😉


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