Unlearning And Learning Food, Ourselves and When To Do A Juice Cleanse. Video On The Obsession of Being Busy, Social Media & Gossip

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February 13, 2013 by Living Girl Living Foods

It takes amazing strength to change ones views on food, to unlearn what feels like rules that have existed for decades and decades now. May be at first it feels overwhelming. There are thousands of people preaching completely opposite views on food.

But what I know is, keep it simple. Kale has never killed anyone. No one has ever said wow I really regret eating healthy today, drinking more water, trying something new (unless they ended up being allergic or something extreme;-) ), working out today, or reading that book about the power of actions. Doctors do not say that fruits and vegetables are bad for you even!

I can feel the resistance with people I meet who are possible clients on a daily basis. Food is part of our history, roots, culture, it somehow binds us all together. For the most part, we all have had family dinners, holiday meals, shared steaming pots of heart warming beverages that seem to stimulate the most delicious conversations.

Food is our fuel, we need it to survive but it is even our fuel in social situations.

I want to thank any of my clients, friends, readers and so forth who have listened to me with an open mind and heart. I know it is not simple to unlearn and learn something. There are cravings, mind games, sensations, fears, and far too many voices to listen to. But if you really listen and are willing to dissect your thoughts you can learn what is actually going on. Once the fear is no longer a banging noise, there is an actual reason for all these cravings and feelings.

I try to go over these a bit in my posts, but honestly this is progress and energy that takes one on one meetings. Thus, this is why I do have clients for these types of things. My website is a launching pad, a community space, and a fresh beginning for some.

Depending on your current diet, mental state, and physical activity cravings could mean completely different things. The thoughts racing through your mind, any sensations in the body, bowel movements, and so on.

I am hoping to go over more about cravings and have already spoken about several herbs, vegetables and ingredients that I think we all should be wary about consuming or gradually increase depending on the bodies response.

I’ve been trying to plan out a juice cleanse for myself, and it looks like the next few days my life will quiet down enough that mentally it will be the best time for me to start. Part of doing a juice cleanse or changing ones eating habits is WANTING to do it. There has to be something in you that just needs to do it, it can’t be because someone else thinks you should do it or you read some celebrity did it and now they look great. None of us can live our lives through other people. When shiitake hits the fan it’ll be your person feelings, not those of some celebrity. 

Many people have asked me when is the best time to do a juice cleanse. I personally believe during the spring or summer is the best time if you are living in the U.S. If you live in another country, the warmer seasons are best when there is less rain and more time to be outside. While cleansing working out, moving in general, and staying positive are super-duper important. Sometimes skeletons come out of the closet, thoughts, dreams, or emotions that have been pushed down over and over again. If or when they arise it can be a relief and a joyous time but at first there is some fear for sure! It’s amazing just how much we all keep tied up inside us, emotions, food, thoughts you name it.

I hope this little over view about cleansing, juice cleanses and changing ones eating habits helps answer any questions people out there might have. It’s not all rays of sunshine and pure bliss. But it can assist one in finding their own path there, not a path someone else has taken since we all have our own journey, eating habits and actions that work best for our own bodies.

On a completely other note, I did a bit of a longer video today about The Obsession of Being Busy, Social Media & Gossip. I’ve noticed with myself that I tend to take everything personally, if someone does not have the time to talk, or if they stop talking to me out of the blue. There is this fear of looking or behaving a certain way, may be some of us do not feel like “adults” if we aren’t busy. Or may be people will like us more if we are busy, being tagged in photos on FaceBook or indulge in gossip. I personally believe all of these actions come out of fear, we fear that people are not stuck like we are, that they are not fearful, or we are not accepted unless we do these things. It’s all “rules” we have socially that aren’t a law, there is nothing binding us to them actually except our own fear.

I also briefly go over previous topics such as relationships. This is just my own personal advice, but I think all of us would benefit the most from surrounding ourselves with people who make us feel like better people. They push our growth, happiness and enhance our positive thoughts, energy…call it what you will! This includes our partners 😀 I recently read an article where a couple included in their vows that they vow to change the world. I am completely in love with this idea, and if I ever get married I am totally snatching this. This is something I actively work towards daily and why wouldn’t I want a soul mate who has the same ambitions ❤

Thank you all for taking the time to stop by my site! I have some delicious recipes to share with you all tomorrow 🙂 Much love ❤ and raw power 😉


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