Pomelo Love. Appearance, Feel, Taste and Health Benefits of Pomelos. Warming Cranberry Pomelo Cinnamon Ginger Cocktail Recipe <3


February 6, 2013 by Living Girl Living Foods

Pomelo ❤


It looks like an overgrown, thicker and over all heavy-duty looking citrus fruit. The pith on a pomelo is thick and much stronger compared to most citrus fruits. When buying pomelos pick one that feels hard just like you would pick a grapefruit. Look for pomelos that have strong skin, little to no bruises and no wrinkles. Citrus fruits do not have to be stored in the fridge, but I know some people who swear that they get more juice out of their citrus fruits when they are refrigerated. Some people just like the taste of this fruit cold too!

Typically many different varieties of pomelos can be found in Asian markets (fairly common ingredient in Chinese dishes) but when I was living in California there were several different varieties around yet they were all grown in California.

I recently purchased pomelos here in Rhode Island that were grown in California, and they taste absolutely nothing like the ones I tried out West. The pomelos I tried in California were much more on the sour and bitter side, but the ones I currently have are so sweet and barely taste acidic at all.

Pomelos are grown all over the place from Hawaii, Philippines, China, California, Florida and other warm areas. Depending on where they are grown will reflect in the taste, also if the fruit is technically in season or not. The shape will be different according on its origin as well, I have seen pomelos look like a grapefruit or have a curvy pear shape.

Overall, pomelos are sweet and just a smidgen tangy. They have a flavor that reminds many people of grapefruits. Just like oranges, lemons and other citrus fruits pomelos have that great energy kick and sunshine that feels amazing in the morning time. Or even if we need a little extra boot to the caboose. It also can be used as a; marinade, dressing, slices in a salad, eaten just like an orange, reduction sauce, or deodorant.

Quick note about citrus fruits and the pith a.k.a the white fluffy soft skin like stuff between the rind and fruit ;-)! This part is highly packed with nutrients, it is completely edible but also adds a bitter or tart taste according to your taste buds. Using a juicer twists these nutrients out, just leaving the fiber behind. So please keep this in mind when creating salads and juicing citrus fruits. Lemon and lime pith juiced also creates this bitter or tart taste which may not be so lovely depending on your crowd, recipe and etc. It can leave behind a rather unpleasing after taste that conquers any and all of the other flavors once apparent in your meal.

Almost all of the health benefits of pomelos are exactly like other citrus fruits. They are low in both calories and fat. Pomelos have 0% fat and 72 calories per cup/190 grams. Both grapefruit and pomelo contain a fat burning enzyme. Also like grapefruits, pomelos are high in fiber, regularly consuming low-calorie fiber creates a satiated/full feeling in your stomach thus you eat less. Eating fiber also keeps your bowels healthy and prevents colon cancer.

Pomelos and other citrus fruits are high in vitamin C, it has been shown to aid in preventing muscular degeneration, inflammation, and cardiovascular deterioration. 

Since this month is considered Hearth Health Awareness Month it only seems fitting to mention that vitamin C is crucial to heart health. Also, potassium plays a huge role in regulating our blood pressure levels (Pomelos have 410 mg of potassium per serving).

Abundant with pectin (also in apples), pomelo juice is capable of clearing the arterial deposits accumulated in the body. People on blood thinning, kidney and other medications need to use caution when eating potassium rich foods like pomelos, along with grapefruits.

There is a great article on VegNews about why and how to get Vitamin C. It’s not surprising to see that many of these fruits and vegetables are also crucial to heart health also since stress is a huge factor with illnesses. Stress can get us in a funk, eating foods that make us sink even further down, and even create negative thoughts. Our body ends up taking a huge beating.

Cranberry Pomelo Cinnamon Ginger Cocktail Recipe


2 cups Cranberries

1 Pomelo, peeled

4 Celery Sticks

1 Lime, rind removed

1 Lemon, rind removed

1 Granny Smith Apple (optional)

1 to 2-inches of ginger and turmeric according to your preference

Juice and Enjoy!

Add a dash of freshly ground cinnamon for warmth


Cinnamon helps relieve pain, powerful anti-inflammatory, can contribute to regulating and stabilizing blood sugar. Cinnamon is rich in fiber, iron, calcium and manganese.

I hope this inspires you all to add some more citrus fruits and cinnamon into your daily meals. It can add a beautiful color and enhance the flavors in every dish. Hope you all are having a wonderful week with good company, laughter, and of course yummy food. Thank you all for stopping by! Much love ❤ and raw power 😉



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