Blackberry Beet Limeade Recipe <3 Heart Health Month, Health Benefits of Beets, How To Pick & Store Beets.


February 2, 2013 by Living Girl Living Foods


Yeah I could keep going :-X

Beets were out of stock for a beet of time but I got some this morning. Ok I swear that was the last of my crummy beet jokes.

There is no denying that I love beets. As a child I loved having them roasted with rosemary and olive oil, I still remember my mother being amazed that I enjoyed eating them.

Numerous people have told me that they just can’t stand beets. When I asked them how they were prepared I typically was told they were canned. Canned beets, roasted beets, boiled, sauteed, raw, juice, marinated there are tons of different ways to prepare and combined beets in a meal.

Try testing it out and seeing what way works best for you. I love cutting them into matchsticks and throwing them on top of a salad, making a dip, juicing them or marinating other vegetables in beet juice.

Here is a beet juice I made this morning that made it difficult for me to not dance around in the car while driving…so I jiggled around anywho 😉

Beet Blackberry Limeade


2 beets or less according to your tolerance and or liking (peeled for extra smoothness and sweetness)
1 cup blackberries
1 lime with rind (if organic, this gives a fresh tart taste)
1 lemon with rind removed
1 orange, peel removed
4 celery sticks
Optional and sadly I was out of this at the time, ginger according to your taste buds (probably around 1-inch worth peeled)


For more luscious beet recipes, what to do with beet pulp, beet tops, and other findings check out my previous posts ❤ If you are interested in learning about the health benefits of beets I also have a post on that 😀 If you have more questions about them there is a wonderful article on Natural News, a website I love checking out!

Since beets are already sweet I like pairing them with citrus, carrots or other root vegetables, celery, spinach, and berries. Beets provide an enormous amount of energy because it also happens to have the highest sugar content of all vegetables. So please be careful if you are sensitive to sugar ❤

February is heart health month, which beets happen to be amazing for because beet consumption has been linked to reducing preventing cardiovascular diseases. A way to remember this is the color and shape of beets, and how they tend to stain/bleed.

Beets are mega detoxing so if beet juice is new to your tummy box, start off with smaller amounts.

When shopping for beets make sure they are firm, no bruises or shriveling. The smaller the beet the sweeter they are! I recommend storing beets in a separate bag from other produce items. I’ve noticed that they tend to stay healthier longer when they are not wet and the tops are kept on (which are edible).

Thank you all so much for stopping by my site and checking out my ramblings. I hope this gives you all some ideas to play with in your kitchen. Much love ❤ and raw power 😉


3 thoughts on “Blackberry Beet Limeade Recipe <3 Heart Health Month, Health Benefits of Beets, How To Pick & Store Beets.

  1. Cheryl Coon says:

    I love the energy you use with beets! I too am a huge beet fan….I look forward to trying the limeade!

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