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January 23, 2013 by Living Girl Living Foods

I had a feeling 2013 would be a super duper rawkin’ year, I didn’t realize just how true this thought was until these past few days. The awareness people have shown recently and thirst for the truth, knowledge and health has only been increasing. So as Joe Strummer possibly would say (if he were still alive) to this…”let’s a get a it rockin’ ”

Keep asking questions, searching for information, reading labels, supporting local & organic food, and broadening our understanding that what was put on this Earth IS actually everything we NEED to survive.

If it’s a plant eat it, if it was made in a plant question it.

I recently had the pleasure to be interviewed by The Mercury about juicing <3! If you have been reading my page for a while you probably have gotten the hint that this is my favorite meal and topic. I am grateful that the Mercury had chosen me as one of the people they would like to interview. It's such a heart warming feeling to see the growth of awareness multiplying so quickly with living foods.

If you have the time, please stop by The Mercury's website, kudos to them for picking a topic that may not seem to traditional or "safe" as I have heard some friends say. For those of you currently on your smart phones, this site might not be too mobile friendly. Here is a quick snapshot of the article.


My scanner has decided to take a vacation without me but I do hope to have a clearer and larger image up ASAP. Thank you all for your patience and to all my vibrant friends who have been there since the beginning. One of my favorite quotes is, "People crazy enough to believe that they can change things are usually that ones that do." I know that for a fact about all of us who are creating paths in this change/movement/growth ❤

I was sent this link to the article also. However some images and the recipes I shared are missing from this version.

Now let's get juicy 😉

Today for a mega late lunch I made a delicious and filling smoothie.


1 Pear (your favorite, I kept the skin on mine but if you are not using organic I personally do not recommend it)
2 celery sticks, chopped
1 small pinch of cilantro (excellent for pulling heavy metals)
1/2 fresh vanilla bean
1 cup fresh coconut water (or my favorite brand Harmless Harvest)
2 tablespoons soaked chia seeds (soaked so they do not absorb the water in your body, or chia powder is a wonderful alternative)
1/2 one lime jui
2-4 pieces of romaine lettuce, chopped

A few ideas on other ingredients to add or switch in

Cinnamon, frozen banana if you would like a thicker more pudding like drink, ice cubes, spinach

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