Kreation Juice Truck, Arts District L.A California


January 14, 2013 by Living Girl Living Foods

I thought I hadn’t been out of L.A for all that long until I noticed a juice truck by my daily stomping grounds! I was over on South Hewitt street, I guess Kreation Organic has had the food truck over here for days now. It’s true what they say, things are always happening in Southern California.

I was feeling slightly overwhelmed with the options since the juices are affordable, $6.95 each, and I was still surprised that the juice truck was even there haha 😀


One of the people working in the truck came outside and gave me a sample tasting of:

Green #2 (lemon, apple, kale, cucumber, parsley, celery, spinach and romaine)
Green #3 which has no apple and more greens (kale x2, cucumber, parsley x2, celery, spinach x2 and romaine)
Bliss (cinnamon, apple, coconut)
Chia Seed from their Ageless Wonders menu (alkaline water, mint, apple, apple cider vinegar, agave and chia seed)
Master Cleanse juice (water, agave, lemon and cayenne)

The green juices are absolutely amazing, the color, vibrance and clean taste is wonderful. They use a Norwalk Press Juicer every morning to make their juices, and recommend that they are consumed in 3 days to have the optimum nutrients and health benefits. The Bliss Juice is simple, warming and is a great replacer for a latte, apple cider or any cooked comforting drink you may be craving with the chilly weather. This is a great drink to cozy up to and stay warm!

I’ve never personally have gotten too creative with chia seed drinks, but this Bliss concoction got some rusty wheels in my head turning. The juice is sweet, a little bitter and has a refreshening feel.

My only conflict with the menu is the use of agave, I wish more people were on the Coconut Nectar wagon with me!


Please check out Kreation’s website to get a full glimpse of their menu, locations, kleanse packages and any other updates. They also have stamp cards and take orders ahead of time (213-258-0993 L.A #).

I am sure this place will become a hit and possibly expand their menu. Kreation’s website is fun, creative, easy to use and even educational. They go over the health benefits of some of the produce used in their juices, and the difference it makes to consume cold-pressed juices!

The juice truck did not have the same juices and items available. I did not see their Kombuchas, Premium Detox menu or Kale Chips. But there were smoothies, juices, their Ageless Wonders Menu, pressed nut mylk and Better Than Water Menu.

Since I fly out to Rhode Island tomorrow and will be in airplanes and in airplanes for almost the entire day I wanted to get some nutrient packed juices. Plus…a little something sweet and rewarding 😉 I bought a Unity 12 (parsley, spinach, kale, romaine, celery, cucumber, apple, lemon, carrot, beet, cayenne and ginger) which was savory, sweet, spicy, insanely filling and cleansing. I could mostly taste the dark leafy greens, beet and cayenne. The cayenne and ginger aided me in taking fuller breaths and staying warm because even in Southern California is gets a bit cold!


Kreation has a colorful and information packed label with a Santa Monica Certified Green Business Label. I love all the health benefits labeled, the ingredients, and the “drink the full spectrum with one bottle” side. This juice has everything jam packed into one juice and it doesn’t taste like too much is going on at once. It’s a lovely balance!

However I would recommend beginner juicers to try out their Green Juices first and to also treat themselves to fruity concoction 😉 The Mod-ify (apple, strawberry, pear) and Trinity Twist (lemon, apple, carrot, beet) were other juices I was considering purchasing.

For my fruity sweet treat I bought the deStress consisting of coconut, apple and strawberry. When I saw the juice I was in love, the soft pink smoothie looking drink was calling me haha. At first I tasted strawberries, followed by apple and the after taste is where the slight coconut flavor and coating in my mouth appears. This was a perfect afternoon sweet treat to keep me going.


Like I said before, if you have the time check out Kreation’s site. There are numerous options and ideas to get for juicing if you are feeling a little stuck. I hope this helps anyone out scoping living vegan options in downtown and gives hope to those who are juice monsters 😉 Changes are happening, we just need to create the change we want to see.

Also a big heads up! The yogurt here is NOT vegan it is a dairy Greek yogurt so please be careful when picking out smoothies.

Much love <3! I'll be in the air all day tomorrow so it might be a day or two for me to get my brains put together again. Thank you all for taking the time to stop by! Happy Monday 😀


2 thoughts on “Kreation Juice Truck, Arts District L.A California

  1. stephanieliselamoureux says:

    I would love to visit California, and check out the farmer’s market there. We have something similar here in Ottawa Canada, but obviously not in the winter season, brrrrrr cold, it’s like -14°C | °F today. Bliss sounds yummy, like you mentioned in your post, I know cinnamon has a warming effect when you drink it, did you like it? Sounds like Kreation’s has a great product, here in Canada, not sure if you have this in the States, we have Booster Juice as a main chain for Juices and Smoothies. Because it’s a chain I don’t think they are as healthy as they could be, but we don’t have juice trucks in my neck of the woods. Anyways, do check out Booster Juice if it interests you, link provided:
    Have a safe trip to Rhode island — Cheers 🙂

    • Thank you Stephanie! I’ll check out this company, the name kind of weirds me out hahaha. I have been on a mega cinnamon kick lately, it does help keep me warm but never for as long as I hope! Please do check out the Farmer’s Market if you ever go to California, it is paradise. Best wishes and stay warm! ❤

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